Google Pixel 2: All about the unveiling of Google's new smartphone

After the unveiling and arrival of the iPhone 8, it was time for rival Google to introduce its line of equipment to compete with Apple. In a broadcast that lasted about an hour and forty minutes, the company brought in its full line of phones, including the long-awaited Google Pixel 2. Check out the top announcements made during the live broadcast and find out what to expect from the new smartphone. Google!

The broadcast began with Google CEO Sundar Pichai providing solidarity with the victims of the Las Vegas bombing, as well as those affected by hurricanes Maria and Irma. After the tribute, data on the use of machine learning technology in software such as Google Maps and Translator were shown, revealing the company's shift in focus to making its programs more accessible and adaptable to how users use their devices.

The Evolution of Google Home

Then Rick Osterloh - who heads Google's hardware division - talked about announcements made at the Google Pixel unveiling event last year. The first announcement of the event was Voice Match, available on Google Home. The feature recognizes your voice and can answer things like showing your reminders, calendar events, and directions to a location. Also announced was a Mini version of Google Home.

Other home accessories have also been shown from the Nest product line. Among the devices shown are a camera, doorbell and security system that integrate with Google Home and other products like Chromecast and can be used in sync.

Upcoming announcements are related to the Google Assistant, which will include about 50 family-related functions that involve playing, learning, and sharing experiences, all done through the “Ok Google” command. Disney branded content - such as Cars and Star Wars - will be available for use with Google Assistant and Google Home.

The next version of the device has also been announced, called Google Home Max. The device will feature functions such as Smart Sound, which uses machine learning technology to adjust to the type of surface where your speakers are positioned and the type of speakers. Music you're listening to. The feature will be compatible with streaming services such as Spotify and Youtube Music.

Google Home Max will cost $ 399 and will come with 12 months of YouTube Music with no ads. The device is scheduled for December this year in US territory.

The onslaught on computers with Google Pixelbook

The first big surprise of the Google Pixel 2 event is the announcement of the Google Pixelbook, which is expected to rival Mac computers. It will have a folding design and can also be used as a tablet for both handheld and surface support. .

The Pixelbook will be 12.3 ″ inches wide and will use Intel i5 and i7 processors, with memory up to 16GB, depending on the model. The computer can be used for 10 hours off battery and will have a USB-C port for charging. It has been announced that 15 minutes of charging will give 2 hours of use for the notebook, ie in one hour the Pixelbook battery will be full.

The computer will also come with Google Assistant and a stylus pen, which will work in sync with the virtual assistant. For example, when using the pen and forming a circle on an artist's face, the wizard will show which artist is that one. It has also been revealed that all Android smartphone and tablet apps available on Google Play will be compatible with the notebook.

The Pixelbook will be available in four configurations, with the cheapest being at $ 999. Its release is scheduled for October 31 this year.

Google Pixel Time 2

Finally, the most anticipated announcement was made: the unveiling of Google Pixel 2. The phone will be released in two sizes, just like the first edition of Google Pixel, which also featured an XL version. The smaller version will be 5 inches and the XL will be 6 inches.

Like the iPhone 7, the Google Pixel 2 won't feature the 3.5mm headphone jack, replacing it with a USB-C jack. The smartphone will come in three colors: blue, black and black-white. The XL will not have the color blue. Both will have the same functions and the only difference will be in size. Loading will also be optimized. According to the announcement, 15 minutes of loading will provide 7 hours of use of Google Pixel 2.


Google's new smartphone will feature the Always-On Display feature . This means that the screen will always be on, with functions even when the screen is locked. One is song recognition, which will show which song is playing in the onscreen environment.

Live wallpapers, as if you could put GIFs on your main screen. Google's search bar has moved to the bottom of the screen, with an important appointment of your calendar appearing at the top. The Assistant can now be accessed more easily with just a pinch or flick in the corner of the smartphone screen.

Sync with other Apple devices like Google Home shown previously were also shown. With the Announce function, for example, you can send a message that will be shared with all Google Home devices in your home.

Through photos taken, Google Pixel 2 will automatically be able to add contact forms - such as phone numbers and emails - as well as addresses by adding them to your contact base. As we mentioned earlier, the phone's virtual assistant will be able to identify artists through captures, but may also show reviews and reviews of movies or books you have been interested in, for example.

Google Pixel Camera 2

The device will also have settings optimized for using the camera's augmented reality technology, especially for games using the technology - such as the Pokémon Go fever. The Google Pixel 2 will also feature a series of unique augmented reality stickers., such as those in the Stranger Things series, shown during the presentation.

The Google Pixel 2 camera was rated with the highest score in the history of DXOMark Mobile, the world's largest smartphone camera rating system, with a rating of 98/100. Here are some reasons why the camera was so well rated.

Portrait mode - available on iPhones that puts a photo element in the spotlight. But while rival does this with the dual camera, Google teased Apple by saying it does the job using a camera and its machine learning technology. The feature will also work on the front camera of the device and will be available in both versions of the new Google Pixel.

Smartphone users will not have to worry about storage. Photos taken at the highest resolution - including 4K - will be stored for free in Google Photos, without taking up the Google Drive space limit. The technical specifications of Google Pixel 2 were not revealed during the demo, just some of the features that will be present.

Google Pixel 2 Extra Features:

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