How to draw on Instagram: Complete Guide

You may have already participated in some kind of promotion and wondered how to draw on Instagram to boost your own profile.

Sweepstakes is one of the best strategies for gaining Instagram followers, along with apps for gaining likes.

But that doesn't mean you should do your draws anyway. You must be aware of Instagram's rules and terms of use, as well as the legal regulations for promoting social media sweepstakes.

Done right, your Instagram sweepstakes can make your life a lot easier, especially if you're learning how to get the first thousand Instagram followers.

That's why we've brought you the full guide below for you to learn how to draw on Instagram! And to complement our text, we also bring a video of the expert Luciano Larrossa. Check it out here:

Why are you creating an Instagram draw?

Before learning how to draw on Instagram, you first need to define what the purpose of this draw is.

To draw a lot just for the sake of drawing is to waste resources. So think about what the main purpose of this contest is.

Want to get followers on Instagram fast? Or boost the engagement of today's followers?

You may be able to use a sweepstakes to publicize the launch of a new product by raffling an item to your followers in exchange for an email address.

There are several types of goals you can achieve by learning how to draw on Instagram. By setting yours, the following steps will be much easier.

Define what the prize draw will be

The most important item for participants: the prize. In some cases it is quite easy to define what the prize will be. In the example we gave about launching a new product, the product itself may be the item to be drawn.

But if your goal is not that?

So the important thing is to consider your personas and the items that are of interest to them. At the same time, it should fit your budget, especially if it is not self-made. Also, define how many prizes will be distributed.

Tip : If you choose to hand out more than one prize, encourage your followers to tag friends to join the promotion!

You need to study your audience and look for an award that encourages them to follow all the steps they need to participate.

Set the rules of the draw

With the goal and prize set, it becomes easier to determine how the draw will work. Again, the ultimate goal will guide you in creating the rules.

If you're promoting Instagram hashtags for your brand, for example, you can force your followers to comment on hashtags to be eligible for the prize if they win.

Is your goal to gain real Instagram followers? The most popular option is to have your followers tag your friends and like the post. This way, you improve your performance in three different ways: you get new followers, increase engagement, and therefore are more likely to appear in your other followers' feed.

Also remember to make it clear that no member of your business or family member is allowed to participate, and mention that your draw follows the legal guidelines we will discuss in the next topic.

How to draw on Instagram: get to know the guidelines

After planning your Instagram giveaway campaign, you need to be aware of the rules.

Instagram itself has its guidelines for conducting these draws. In short, you must show full disclaimer of Instagram by each participant and make it clear that the promotion is not sponsored or administered by the platform or is associated with it.

See the list of guidelines for promotions on Instagram through the link.

Any social media giveaway must first be registered and authorized by Caixa Econômica Federal, following the guidelines shown on this link. Remember that the process takes about 45 days and can only be performed by legal entity.

With everything planned and authorization in hand, the time has come to put your draw in the air!

Create a neat post by adapting some of our post ideas, and when the final draw day comes, use the AppTuts Instagram Giveaway Tool!

See the complete walkthrough of how to draw on Instagram with our tool!

How to make Instagram sweepstakes with AppTuts

1. Access the link to enter the Instagram Sweepstakes Tool;

2. Enter your Instagram username and your best email address;

3. In the next screen, choose the publication of your draw;

Tip: You can also include the post URL if you find it easier than searching!

4. After defining the draw publication, click Continue to proceed;

5. The time has come to set up the rules you have set in the draw planning. First, define what will be the number of drawn and if it is possible to draw the same person more than once;

6. Swipe down to access advanced rules;

7. Here you can define whether only users who commented with a specific keyword are eligible. You can select whether the comment should be the keyword or if it can only be within the message.

You can also unsubscribe users who have used special characters or disregard comments if the keyword is not exactly the same as the one you set.

For example, if the keyword to enter your giveaway is “star fruit”, followers who post “star fruit”, “star fruit” or even “star fruit” will not be taken into account.

Finally, you can state that only one comment per user will participate in the giveaway and whether the Instagram Sweepstakes Tool will need to remove duplicate comments.

Now, just click Giveaway !

8. On the next screen, the tool will show the draw winner (s). You can share the result directly on social networks or notify the fortunate by email!

Check out our Instagram Sweepstakes Tool!

Now that you know how to create, regulate, and draw on Instagram, be sure to check out our free tool!

As you can see in the walkthrough above, it is simple and easy to make your draw without any major problems. Click the link to start using it now!

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