How to install iOS 10 beta on your iPhone and iPad

As you may already know, Apple has just released the iOS 10 beta to be installed and tested by the general public, removing the initial developer restriction. Of course, there will be plenty of people who want to check out the latest iOS available for iPhones and iPads. So you can safely install iOS 10 on your device and know what you're doing, we've prepared a neat tutorial full of tips on it. Just check our article below!

How to install iOS 10 beta

First of all, remember that iOS 10 is still under development by Apple and is fraught with problems to be found and solved. Incidentally, this is exactly the purpose of releasing the beta for testing, as the company could not find many of the system bugs with only a small group of people using it.

If a lack of stability, app issues, and constant crashes and stopping features can really bother you, it's best to simply wait for the official release of the operating system for the iPhone and iPad.

If you're still determined to try iOS 10 before launch, you need to sign up for Apple's beta tester program. You can do this via this link, but remember to use the same Apple ID as the device that will install the new iOS.

With that done, be sure to back up what's stored on your device, something you can do by connecting it to a computer with iTunes installed, as you can see here. This makes it easier to reverse the procedure if something goes wrong.

When you're done, use your iPhone or iPad to enter this link to download configuration files that will help you install iOS 10 on your device. Just click on “Download Profile” to proceed.

Finally, wait a few moments, go to the "Settings" of the iPhone or iPad you used in the step above and check the "Software Update" option in the "General" tab, as the iOS 10 update will appear there to be downloaded and installed. .

The process may take a while to complete, so we recommend leaving the device connected to the charger and not touching it while updating.

Did you like the tips?

Can you take these tips to install iOS 10 on your iPhone or iPad smoothly? Be sure to leave your comment telling us if everything went well or if you had any questions about the process.

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