How to sync Instagram contacts in Messenger

Recently, Facebook has implemented a way to make it easier to sync your Instagram contacts directly in Messenger. This helps a lot when maintaining a more cohesive list of your friends from the social network and the chat app. The good news is that the process is very simple, just having both applications installed on your smartphone. To learn how you can sync Instagram contacts, just check out our tutorial below!

Sync Instagram Contacts in Messenger

As we mentioned, it's good to have both apps already installed on your smartphone. This helps apps recognize each other and know your username at sync time.

To get started, open Facebook Messenger on your device and click the user icon at the bottom of the screen.

Then simply click the "Connect to Instagram" option to continue.

On the next screen, you should see your Instagram username if you are already signed in to this smartphone. Click it to confirm it is the right profile and move on.

Okay, now Messenger will show you the contacts you found on Instagram. You will still have the option to start a conversation there if you want.

Finally, you just have to click “Finish” to start enjoying your new Messenger contacts. Of course, you can repeat this process again if you have new contacts on Instagram sometime in the future.

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