iPhone and Android: 12 Best Weight Loss Apps of 2016

Less than a month to summer. To enjoy the season, many look for different ways to lose weight, whether through strict diets, exercise or a combination of both. As a very popular theme, there are a number of iPhone and Android apps for this purpose. Some are more generalist, covering all fields, while others focus on just one area. To help you get started, check out the 12 best weight loss apps on iOS or Android below!

Tip: Remember that no application replaces a visit to the doctor and nutritionist to check if health is up to date or if the chosen methods will not present risks.

1. Lose It

One of the best - and free! - apps to lose weight, the focus of Lose It is to help its users not to give up health in the search for weight loss. It allows you to create goals to be achieved and tools to track progress. Its database also provides information on calorie foods, also offering ways to know how much you have consumed each day.

Lose It also lets you share information, recipes and methods for losing weight. You can also connect it with exercise apps like Runkeeper or Nike +. In addition to being available on iPhone and Android, it also has a website where you can sync your account and track your results on your computer as well.

2. Diet and Health

While Lose It is one of the best international apps, we also have great options in Brazil. Among them, the most popular option is Diet and Health, which has similar goals. Your focus is on monitoring your eating habits, with goals created according to the data you entered in your register. The app also has its own diet that you can choose to follow. Click the link to download the app on iPhone, or go to its Google Play page for Android users.

3. MyFitness Pal

Following the same line as Lose It, MyFitness Pal has a more comprehensive approach to weight loss. In addition to diet tracking and a database of millions of foods, the app lets you share results and invite friends to join by connecting to your Facebook profile. It also lets you track the progress of your workouts. MyFitnessPal is available on iPhone - but can also be used on iWatch - and Android.

4. Diet Hero

If tracking and counting calories from every meal you eat is not your goal, Diet Hero offers a more proactive alternative solution. Instead of telling you what you have already eaten, the app offers meal options and quantities based on what you like and what you have available at home. Of course, before that, it is necessary to put information about yourself and what your goals are, so that he makes the necessary adjustments in the diet.

If the suggested option does not suit you, the app switches carbohydrate and protein options respectively. The only setback is that the app is paid and only available on the iPhone, costing $ 1.99 on iTunes.

5. TecnoNutri

Another Brazilian application, TecnoNutri follows the script of most of the applications described in this list, offering tools to track daily consumption. This is based on information you enter in the app, such as body mass index (BMI). The app also has its own social network, from which you can interact with other users and share tips on using the app or activities that can help with weight loss. Click the link to download the app on Android, or visit its iTunes page to download it to iPhone.

6. Nike + Training Club

Going from diet-focused weight loss apps to exercise, the Nike app is the perfect choice for those who want to introduce a physical activity routine. Nike + Training Club lets you choose from one of over 100 workouts to do or the app to create a four-week program with options for beginners or advanced athletes. The app can be downloaded from Google Play or iTunes.

7. iPhone Health App

What if we say you may not need to download any of the weight loss apps on this list? This is possible if you decide to give the iPhone Health app a try, which is already installed with your smartphone. It can also set goals for weight loss, as well as having a step counter, useful for those who do activities such as running or walking. The app can also be synced to iWatch and external apps.

8. Diet and Weight Loss

Using all kinds of information, the application has very comprehensive approaches. In addition to the common functions for weight loss apps such as recording your diet and knowing how many calories you have consumed, Diet and Weight Loss also provides day-to-day feedback and suggestions for future meals.

In addition, the app has several calculators - for example, ideal fat or weight percentage calculator - and gives the nutritionist access to their routine, allowing them to work together on the diet. Diet and Weight Loss is available on both Android and iPhone.

9. Google Fit

It's not just the iPhone that has a dedicated health app. Although not native as iOS, Google Fit is the counterpart of the iPhone application. It tracks your progress during physical activity only by carrying the phone with you. The app tracks your weight, daily activity as well as heart-healthy exercise during your routine.

Google Fit gives users the goal of exercising at least 60 minutes daily, plus a goal for the pedometer, one goal in time and one for distance traveled. The app can be connected to Android smartwatches and other apps. Click the link to download it on Android.

10. 7-Minute Workout App

Based on an exercise routine geared toward people who don't have much free time, the 7-Minute Workout App is a scientific method for improving cardiovascular function and improving metabolism. The method was discovered by the New York Times and is focused on high intensity activities for a short time. To use it, you need to add a shortcut to your smartphone's home.

Although it is a web application, that is, available in browsers, it can be used on both iPhone and Android. On iPhone, tap Share and choose Add to Home . On Android, go to the page, go to the browser menu and click Add to Home Screen . Click the link to access the app, regardless of the device you are using.

11. Fitness Point

Another exercise-oriented application, it can be especially useful for those who already attend gym. Acting as a kind of virtual personal trainer, Fitness Point gives you options for creating workouts tailored to your goals. It also has preprogrammed routines, allowing you to choose one and start working out immediately. Fitness Point can be downloaded on iPhone and Android smartphones.

12. Pokémon GO

Okay, Pokémon GO can't be considered one of the weight loss apps, or at least not objectively. On the other hand, the app that lets you capture Pokémon in real life can be a great and fun partner in achieving your goals. After all, for any activity in the game, you need to walk a lot, especially to hatch the eggs you get in PokéStops. The game can be downloaded on iPhone or Android.

Tip: Be sure to check out our text with the 10 tips for being a Pokémon GO master!

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Which of these weight loss apps do you think are the best?

Focused on different areas, these applications serve either the goal of losing weight or, better yet, to re-educate your diet or to include physical exercise in your routine. Although it sounds silly, the inclusion of Pokémon GO has happened for a personal story: my father - a gentleman in his fifties fan of pocket monsters - has never enjoyed hiking, but since the title's release, walks about 1 2 kilometers a day. And to you? Which app do you use in your routine or diet? Comment with us and don't forget to share these tips with your friends on social networks!

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