New York City Apps: Top 10 Things to See the City

One of the most coveted destinations in the world, the largest city on the planet could not fail to count on its own list of applications to guide tourists and citizens through the streets, public transport and taxi or ride services. Of course, visits are not limited to transportation, and some of New York's best apps are extremely helpful in knowing what the best places and events are being hosted. Check out our list of the top 10 apps in New York!

1. BusBusNYC (iOS)

First to open our list of New York apps, BusBus NYC is an iOS app that lets you track New York bus lines in real time. Note that not all city lines are part of the app, so it is worth checking if the lines you will use on the day can be tracked. This prevents you from wasting too much time waiting or having to finish a ride ahead of time for fear of missing the bus.

2. Citymapper (iOS and Android)

One of the best mapping apps, Citymapper is available on both popular systems and is a great addition no matter what city you're visiting. The app has maps and information about public transportation, as well as estimated arrival time between one point and another. It also has transport schedules and even bike paths.

3. Get There by Bike (iOS)

While BusBus focuses on buses and Citymapper has a more general approach to transportation, Get There by Bike is the perfect tool for cyclists. Costing 99 cents on the App Store, this app has an extensive choice of cities - including New York, of course - from which it offers rider-friendly bike routes, which offers less risk. The app also takes into consideration things like traffic, hillsides, and even prohibited bike areas when making routes.

4. CabSense NYC (iOS)

Another app specializing in transportation, CabSense NYC focuses on the city's taxi services. This app shows you the best corners and places to hail a cab, without having to guess or have to ask someone else, which can make it difficult for non-speakers. Its operation is based on user ratings, which rate the effectiveness of locations, and take into account the time when you need a taxi.

5. Central Park (iOS, Android)

The official app for one of the most relevant landmarks in the city is the definitive guide to the park walk and is one of the best New York City apps on this list. The app has everything imaginable about Central Park. Full interactive map, restroom location, site history, places to shop and snack, photos, and upcoming events. If one of your destinations is Central Park, download the app now.

6. Downtown NYC (iOS, Android)

The bustling center of New York, scene of many movies and series, is a grand place in itself. Therefore, an application dedicated only to this area is available for both Apple and Android. In it, you can know everything that is happening in the region: free events, plays in theaters, cinemas and restaurants, among many others divided into categories. Using the app may also grant discounts to these locations.

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7. Explore 9/11 (iOS, Android)

Explore 9/11 is a unique app for those visiting the memorial museum created in honor of the victims of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack. The app has a site map and a mode with stories about the bombing. Clickable map icons reveal some of these stories in audio, video or photo format. Visitors can use the app to leave tribute messages to the victims of the attack, including name and location from which they came.

8. Time Out New York (iOS, Android)

Another dedicated event app, Time Out New York was created by a company that specializes in mapping events and interesting places to visit. With the slogan “Discover your city” the app has information about the city and is one of the options among New York apps for those who do not know much about the best places to visit. Hotels, restaurants, parks and museums are affiliated with the application service, including allowing you to buy tickets online.

9. I Love NY (iOS, Android)

The official app of the state of New York - not just the city - is the ultimate app, showing all sorts of attractions that both city and state can offer. The app has tour options for all tastes, whether you're a fan of tracks, Broadway musicals or both. I Love NY can also be used to plan ahead, as it also provides information about hotels and events that will take place in the state according to your travel date. Required item from your list!

10. (iOS, Android)

Indispensable for food truck fans, especially considering that one of the origins of the new trend came precisely from New York. is a kind of restaurant guide, but dedicated only to these mobile eateries. The app is updated in real time and shows, at any time and place, where are the food trucks near you. The app is directly linked to the business owners' Twitter, and if they promote it on a social network, it appears in the app and can learn how to leverage it from the moment it's active.

Have you downloaded your favorite New York apps for the trip?

With some of these apps, we believe we will make your travel and exploration of the great American city easier. Have you ever traveled there? What apps did you use on the trip? Comment with us on your experience and make your own recommendations below!

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