Remember birthdays: Syncing Facebook with Google Calendar

People who have a lot of Facebook contacts may have a little trouble remembering certain important birthdays, especially since the social network only shows the information on a small part of the site that not everyone usually looks at every day. To solve this, you can simply sync dates from Facebook to Google Calendar, which is even more useful for owning an Android, for example. If you want to learn how to do this easily, you can check out our detailed tutorial below!

Syncing Facebook events on Google

To get started, you need to open Facebook in your web browser and sign in with your account. Then click on the "Events" option on the left side of your profile home screen.

On the next page, scroll down until you find the following text: “You can add your events to Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, or Apple Calendar. Once added, they will remain current. ” This will be at the bottom right of the screen.

Right-click on "Birthdays" and choose the "Copy Link" option.

With that done, open Google Calendar in your web browser and sign in with your account. In the left corner of the screen, click the arrow next to "Other calendars."

Then click on the "Add by URL" option.

On the screen that opens next, paste the Facebook link we copied earlier and then click "Add Calendar."

This will allow all Facebook birthdays to sync with Google Calendar, and you can easily view them on Android or even iPhone if you have the app.

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