Simplegram vs Instaeasy: Which one to use?

There is no shortage of great services that help you gain followers on Instagram fast. Here on AppTuts, we have done several articles on the subject, bringing comparatives showing the main advantages of Managegram, Bume and Perforgram, for example. This time, let's talk about two apps that aren't in this comparison: Simplegram vs Instaeasy!

Which offers the most features? Which is the easiest to use or brings educational material? And what is the price difference between the plans?

We will evaluate each of these parameters in the next paragraphs.

Before the Simplegram vs. Instaeasy dispute, let's just take a look at some common roles. Both services are used for automatic interactions, ie looking for posts to like and profiles to follow.

Both sites allow you to configure interactions according to hashtags, places where the post is tagged or even competing profiles, or related to your area. The two also report on their profile growth.

Therefore, we will not measure services according to this functionality as they work similarly. Check out the Simplegram vs Instaeasy dispute below!

Simplegram vs Instaeasy: Features

As we discussed in the previous paragraphs, both allow you to automatically search and interact with hashtag, geolocation, and other profiles. What do they offer for extra?

Simplegram has some interesting functions. The first of these is one of the most useful and will help you manage your profile content as well. You can schedule posts and stories straight from Simplegram, regardless of format.

This means that the application allows you to post in any of the formats available on Insta, except IGTV. The service also features its own online photo editor, which allows you to set up simple posts without leaving the platform.

In addition to scheduling posts, Simplegram allows you to include automatic comments, as well as likes and followed by profile. But remember: don't create generic templates for comments!

Ending the functionality of the application, Simplegram brings another platform, which allows you to respond to messages sent by Instagram Direct. In addition, it is also possible to create automatic direct campaigns for new followers.

In a nutshell, Simplegram addresses all aspects of managing a profile on the social network, except the Instagram biography.

On the other side of the Simplegram vs Instaeasy dispute, the other app also features a publication scheduling tool and also allows automatic directs to be sent to new followers. However, it does not work with automatic comments and does not even have its own editor.

Your post ideas should be built out of the app and sent to the Instaeasy calendar.

Which one is the easiest to use?

Looking at the website and the tutorials available on both pages, it is undeniable that Instaeasy makes life easier for its users.

The service subscriber has access to a complete guide to videos and articles that tutorial their tools. Instaeasy also has a blog with news and guides about the social network or its platform. Remember that they also have a support service to answer any questions.

Simplegram has only one video on its homepage, with a FAQ available. Even so, all platform plans also support their users.

Simplegram vs Instaeasy: prices and plans

Regarding the prices charged by both services, each platform works differently. Simplegram offers a wide range of plans, priced according to the number of accounts you will manage.

The individual plan, for example, costs only $ 59.90 monthly. In the maximum plan of 10 accounts, the monthly cost is $ 299.90. Of course, the maximum plan should probably only be used by digital marketing agencies.

Instaeasy also charges according to the number of registered accounts. The value is $ 127 per month, with access to all features of the service, plus support for chat, email and bonuses such as ebooks or videos with tips and strategies to gain more followers on Instagram.

Tests and warranties of each service

To get to know each other better and set yourself the winner of the Simplegram vs Instaeasy contest, both platforms offer this opportunity differently.

Simplegram allows new users 3 days of totally free trial of the platform and all its features. To do this, just click on the link and complete your registration!

Instaeasy already works with the warranty model. You subscribe to the first month of the plan and if the platform doesn't bring results within the first 30 days, your money is returned!

So sign up for Instaeasy through the link and understand all that the first Instagram automatic interaction platform has to offer!

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