Top 20 Apple TV Apps

Serving as an entertainment center for your living room or bedroom, Apple TV is a great choice for watching your favorite TV shows and movies at home, without the hassle of using things like HDMI cables to connect your computer to it, for example. . But going a little further, the device has a number of apps with other functions, such as playing music, checking your photos, and even some distracting games. To find out what kinds of Apple TV apps to install on your device, check out our list of top 20!

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1. Netflix

Despite having access to iTunes, Apple TV also has applications from other catalogs and subscription services, such as Netflix. There are no mysteries with the app, which works the same as on other devices where it is available. Just sign in to your account, choose the movie or series you want to watch and play. Download it from the App Store.

2. YouTube

In addition to television shows, you can also follow your favorite YouTube channels through the official app. Like Netflix, much of the functionality of the version for other devices is also present here. To sign in to the service, you must follow the onscreen instructions and access this address on your computer, phone, or tablet and copy the code shown on the TV. You can also control it from iPhone with the AirPlay function. Click the link to download YouTube to Apple TV.

3. Earthlapse TV

Have you ever thought about watching the Earth's orbit from different angles, but don't want to be following cable guides to find a program that looks something like this? Earthlapse TV is the best of Apple TV apps if that is its purpose. With 18 orbit angles, you can increase or decrease display speed, add filters, or even let a soundtrack play in the background. Learn more about Earthlapse TV.

4. Solid Soccer

You can not only watch football on Apple TV, but also hit a ball directly on the device. Solid Soccer has real-time multiplayer mode over the internet. As you build and improve your team, your wins will give you a higher ranking in the world, helping you to move up the league. Play Solid Soccer by downloading it from the App Store.

5. Hopster

One of the Apple TV apps dedicated to kids, Hopster features programming geared toward kids five and under. Some of their programs have already received awards and the app provides a safe environment for them, free of advertisements. Click the link to learn more about Hopster.

6. Flickr

The photo storage service allows you to store up to 1TB of images for free. While on computers and mobile devices you have Flickr's core functions, your version for Apple TV is better for browsing your images and remembering old photos. See more of Flickr at the link.

7. Leo's Fortune

Another of the games available for Apple TV, Leo's Fortune is original iPhone and iPad, receiving an adaptation for compatibility with the device. The title features a cute creature in a platform game - Super Mario style - with hand-drawn designs and a journey to retrieve the gold stolen by a thief. Download Leo's Fortune from the App Store.

8. Hyper

Hyper is a kind of YouTube, but with a different footprint. Rather than making all the options available right away, the service works as a kind of curator. This means Hyper has a specialized movie team that delivers a list of the best videos uploaded on the day to your in-app feed. It is free and can be downloaded through the App Store.

9. Infusion

A free but paid service, Infusion is a video player that you have in your storage streaming directly from your computer or mobile device to your TV. It detects the files of this device and makes available in the app as a kind of library, showing synopsis, poster and the like, and allows you to customize how each title is displayed, as in the image below.

Infusion and its Pro version can be downloaded from the Apple TV app store.

10. The Film Detective

While Netflix features a library of various types and Infusion runs movies and video files on its devices, The Film Detective focuses only on showing classic movies. Through the service - done by monthly subscription - you can search for an old movie and when you find it, the app will restore it and display it on your television. Click the link to meet The Film Detective.

11. Easy Music

Another of the apps for Apple TV aimed at children, Easy Music aims to introduce music education to little ones. Through animations, the application teaches them basic concepts such as musical note recognition, rhythm and melody, among others. See more of the app on the App Store.

12. Kitchen Stories

Ideal for those who gain inspiration for practicing culinary skills, Kitchen Stories features a plethora of recipe videos and tutorials to test new possibilities in the kitchen. With a wide variety, you can learn almost any kind of recipe, from noble meat to seafood or just a simple rice and beans. The app can be downloaded for free.

13. Reuters TV

One of the top news channels in the world, Reuters also has an exclusive app to broadcast your news on Apple TV. One of its best features is the ability to adjust the time available to check out the news around the globe. After adjusting the period - which can be 15 minutes, 30 or an hour - the app will compress the main news within that period so you don't know anything about what's happening. Click the link to download it on Apple TV.

14. Interactive Sport

The Brazilian sports channel also has its own application for Apple TV. Just like the channel available on television, Interactive Sport has a selection of programs, allowing you to watch what you want at any time you want. Remember that while the application is free, you must be an EI Plus subscriber to access the content. Check out more by visiting the link.

15. Crackle

Competing with Netflix, Crackle is Sony's streaming movie and series viewing service. This means that its catalog is mostly composed of the titles of the producer. Its main advantage is that the entire catalog is available for free. Click the link to download it to your Apple TV.

16. Madefire Comics & Motion Books

If you've thought about reading comic books on your television, this is the only one on our list of the best Apple TV apps that can fulfill that wish. Madefire Comics & Motion Books has a large collection of large and small comics producers, catering to all tastes. The app is free with comic book purchases made right in the app. Learn more about Madefire on the App Store.

17. Lara Croft GO

Puzzle games based on famous video game franchises are also available for Apple TV. With controls tailored to those of Apple TV, the adventure remains unchanged here. In Lara Croft GO, the hero of the Tomb Raider saga must explore tombs and dangerous places to make her archaeological finds, but switching the action to turn-based gameplay similar to board games. The game is available on iTunes.

18. Hitman GO

GO series titles can be played on Apple TV, including Hitman GO, the first to be released. Working similarly to Lara Croft, in Hitman we traded Lara for Agent 47 and the scenarios are no longer forests for fortified buildings surrounded by security guards that he must eliminate. However, the gameplay remains the same, with just a few changes related to ambiance. Click the link to learn more about the title.

19. Late Shift - Your Decisions are You

One of the most unusual proposal Apple TV apps. A kind of “You Decide”, the app is an interactive movie in which all the protagonist's decisions are made by the viewer himself. The game movie has 180 decision points and seven different endings, which depend on these choices. Check out more of the app on the App Store.

20. Minecraft - Apple TV Edition

The biggest phenomenon of YouTube can also be played on Apple TV, becoming the few platforms that do not have a version of the game. Its retro graphics hide an ever-expanding game that gives players the tools to create whatever they want on their worlds. Click the link to learn more about this Minecraft edition.

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Which Apple TV apps do you use every day?

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