Top 20 Apps to Track Spending

Knowing how to control the inflow and outflow of money is one of the most difficult tasks today, especially with so many offers available in the market, regardless of your hobbies and tastes. However, having this skill is crucial to your financial development and not complicated by a family emergency. On the other hand, having apps to track spending directly on your phone or tablet makes the task a lot easier, which has led us to bring 20 different examples to better manage your savings!

1. Wisecash

Exclusive to Android devices, Wisecash is a free tool that opens our list of top spending control apps. The app aims to provide ease of use, so you do not waste much time recording your financial movement. It allows you to register and schedule releases, generates reports and graphs and has reminders sent by notification, among others.

2. Daily Spending 3

Daily Expenses 3 is a tool developed in Brazil and also aiming to offer a simple and easy to use experience. The app allows you to organize your postings - which can be modified or deleted later -, generates reports that can be viewed at different times and sets up different currency types, ideal for those working with more than one currency. Click the link to download the Android app.

3. Expense Manager

With a few more features compared to other applications, Dump Manager offers more options for managing your financial situation. One of its features allows you to view a calendar, in which you can record dates with important movements, such as salary receipt or due date of your main accounts. It also has several currencies and can be protected by a PIN password. Visit the link to learn more about the app.

4. Mint

One of the most complete spend control apps on the market. Mint has versions for web browsers, Android or iPhone and iPad. In addition to allowing you to track your spending on a day to day basis, the app also allows you to plan ahead, letting you set up a monthly budget and set up alerts to avoid missing payment dates, among others. Learn more about Mint on the site or download it to your Android or iPhone.

5. My Savings

My Savings is an app that gives you more control over your bank account values ​​and the credits you have available on your cards. It has a variety of tools to track your daily spending, but also lets you organize your monthly budget and set goals to be met, such as an international trip or entry into a home of your own. The app can be downloaded on both iPhone and iPad as well as Android.

6. My Expenses

One of the easiest spending control apps on this list. With just four screens, you can check the overall state of your finances, record your expenses, track them through a report and also add and know how many installments you are paying that month. Click the link to download your Android version, or go to the download version for iPhone and iPad.

7. Mobills

Available for smartphones and tablets running Android or iOS, Mobills is designed as a complete financial management solution. It has tools to program your budget, track expenses and track credit card spending, among many others. Your backups and sync are done in the cloud, allowing you to access them from any device, and photos of statements and slips can be sent for direct in-app registration.

8. BillTracker

This application specializes in tracking the payment of your bills and slips, working exclusively in this function. BillTracker lets you record all your payments on the calendar, sending notifications whenever you have an account close to expiration.

When an account expires, your date will shine brighter on the calendar, giving you more focus on what you need to pay off. Download BillTracker for iPhone or Apple Watch from the link.

9. Easy Budget

With cloud synchronization through services like DropBox, Budget Easy offers a more complete solution for organizing your finances. In creating and editing budgets, you can schedule and record transactions, create expense and revenue categories, and track them through graphs, or view the course of your financial month through a calendar. The app can be downloaded on iPhone or Android.

10. Organize

Organizze is one of the mobile and web spending control apps that lets you access it from your computer as well. Among the features, we highlight the ability to record your expenses with one click, managing multiple accounts and panel with higher expenses, allowing you to check where your money is being spent. The app is available for Android or iPhone.

11.Financial Control Tab

One of the largest finance apps in the country, GuiaBayment allows its users to keep track of budget and spending, which is common to apps on this list. But GuiaBayment has an advantage over others: it allows you to consult your CPF for free.

Another unique possibility of the app is borrowing direct from the phone, claiming to offer lower interest rates. Click the link to see your version of Android and visit this page for iPhone.

12. You Need A Budget

Although there are several apps to track spending in Portuguese, and it may be a bit unnecessary to list non-English apps, You Need A Budget deserves an exception. Focused solely on budgeting, the app stands out not only for offering its tool download - available to computers, web browsers and mobile devices.

In addition, the site's content team publishes a variety of articles and tutorials, with helpful methods for managing your accounts, checks, financial applications, and credit cards, among others. It's one of the best apps not just for managing your money, but for establishing healthy habits about how you invest your finances. Learn more about the app on your site.

13. Money Manager

The app also has a more holistic approach to your finances, meaning it tries to address every kind of application you use. This means that Money Manager allows you to register multiple bank and investment accounts, as well as manage credit card spend and transfers. The app has built-in calculator and graphs to track the progress of your account. Money Manager can be used on PC, Android or iPhone.

14. Yes - Financial Control

Exclusive to Android smartphones and tablets, Yes follows the opposite path of Money Manager and You Need A Budget. Without the need to enter passwords or bank accounts, you can treat your control only as numbers and thus mask sensitive information. The app only serves to record and track your expenses and income throughout the month.

15. Money Lover

Whether you have a free or premium plan option, Money Lover has the basic functions to record your expenses or plan your budget. However, it does not offer complex tools, being simpler and friendlier for those just starting out.

The app syncs with the cloud and can be used on multiple devices without loss of information. Money Lover can be used on Android or iPhone.

16. Drivvo

Rather than a general finance controller, Drivvo has a unique proposition within spending control applications: it specializes in managing your vehicle. This means that instead of recording expenses or controlling budgets, the app lets you check in more detail how much your car or motorcycle is costing to maintain.

It allows you to check fuel cost and car-related services, fuel consumption per route and maintenance reminders such as oil change or tire calibration. Drivvo is available on Android and iPhone or iPad.

17. EF Personal Financial Control

Available only for Android devices, EF Personal Financial Control is an app for organizing your financial life. With tools to record gains and costs, the application has no complex functionality and is easy to use. It also allows you to control the maturity of your accounts and installments payable.

18. Cellular Expenses

Just as Drivvo specializes in car expense tracking, Mobile Expenses helps you manage the costs of your phone plan. The app records calls made and their duration, as well as internet consumption with games, apps and messages, whether from WhatsApp or the old SMS. It has alerts that tell you when you reach limits on mobile data usage and calls. Mobile Spending can be used on Android or iPhone.

19. Fuel

An alternative to Drivvo, Fuelio also has the ability to manage your fuel costs and vehicle wear as you ride with it. Fuelio also allows you to do the calculations on bi-fuel vehicles, that is, those that run on alcohol and gasoline, or gasoline and natural gas, among others. Click the link to learn more about this Android app.

20. Grana

Finishing our list of spending control apps, Grana is an exclusive Android app dedicated to personal finance. The application is easy to use and import, with tools to transform your data into an Excel spreadsheet, for example. It also has options for building a smart budget, analyzing your monthly income and how much you can spend per day or week, among others.

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