What to do when iPhone is idle - 5 tricks to activate it

One of the worst situations an iPhone user can come across is seeing the device completely inactive and without any sign of life. As good as Apple smartphones are, this situation is quite common. This is usually the fault of an iOS issue or even a fully discharged battery. Still, it can be hard to figure out what caused the problem when iPhone is idle. Fortunately, there are some very simple steps you can take to quickly activate it. Check it out below!

1. Restart the device

As worrying as it sounds, it is very likely that nothing serious has happened to your iPhone. Most of the time, a simple reboot will solve the situation.

To do this, hold the power button and home button or the power button and volume down button (from iPhone 7 forward) for about 15 seconds. Wait a few minutes for the smartphone to start itself and only touch it when the lock screen finally appears.

2. Try loading it from different sources

On many occasions, the iPhone is inactive due to sheer power outage. This is not only because of the user's inattention, but because their power source may be faulty.

This is true for the charger, cord or even the socket you usually use with your device. Therefore, we suggest that you try other ways to charge it, either with different sources or in other sockets. It is worth mentioning that if it is fully discharged, it will take about 20 minutes for the device to signal life again.

3. Connect it to the computer

If nothing works, we suggest you connect your iPhone to a computer with iTunes installed. This is a way of knowing if everything is okay with the device as it should be recognized by the Apple program.

Of course, if not even iTunes can detect the device, the problem could be more serious. In the latter case, you can always call for service or follow our next tips on what to do when iPhone is idle.

4. Restore the appliance

If nothing works, you can try restoring your iPhone to its factory condition. This means erasing all data on the device, so it's good to have a recent backup stored.

To learn how to back up iPhone, you can check out this tutorial. Restoration is explained in more detail in this article. With the restoration done, you just need to get your backup to use iPhone again.

5. Use recovery mode

The above method is great if iTunes recognizes your iPhone, but it may not, as we mentioned. If this is your case, it is best to enter recovery mode. To do this, you must press the power button and home button or the power button and volume down button (from iPhone 7 forward) for about 15 seconds.

Then release the power button, but keep pressing the home button or volume button while connecting iPhone to your computer. During this process, iTunes should open and you should only release the iPhone button if the program shows that you have recognized the device. From there, just do the restore process as explained in the previous topic.

Do you know what to do when iPhone is idle?

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