What is Facebook hashtag and how to use it in your posts

The symbol once recognized as "tic-tac-toe" lost its meaning after the arrival of social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Now called by its English name, hashtags have come to be widely used by all media, despite being more prominent on Twitter and Instagram. Still don't know why so many #dogs or #good in your feed? So learn below what a Facebook hashtag is and learn how to use them!

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What is the hashtag on Facebook?

The main function of a Facebook hashtag is to make it easier for users to search for a specific subject. Each hashtag posted on Facebook becomes a clickable link, which takes you to a screen with top posts containing the same term. For example, if a friend on Facebook posted that they watched Spider-Man's latest movie using “#homemaranha”, clicking on the hashtag might see other posts that also contained the hashtag.

For business fanpages, Facebook hashtag is also an optimization tool and can be used to improve SEO. Remember that your hashtag posts can also be found more easily on Facebook search.

How to use hashtags on Facebook

One of the main ways to use hashtags on Facebook is through the search bar. Just type “# + [search term]” into the search bar and it will show you the top pages, groups and hashtags related to that term.

If you are on the opposite side and want to hashtags your posts on the social network, you must adhere to the following rules to post them successfully:

How do you use hashtag on Facebook?

Now that you know how to use tic-tac-toe in your platform posts, it's time to tell us: How do you use hashtags on Facebook? Did you have a problem using them? Comment with us and leave your opinion!

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