10 best Android games in 2016

End of the year is coming and with it time to make several lists of what we think is the best that was released during the coming year. We had the opportunity to meet new games that debuted this year. To show you the best ones, we've put together a list of the top 10 Android games in 2016. Haven't played any of them yet? So it's a good time to try them out and get ready for 2017!

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10. Miitomo

Nintendo crashed headlong into mobile phones and launched its own game-format social network during the middle of the year. Miitomo is an application that lets you create an avatar - called Mii, also used on company consoles and laptops - to interact with those of your friends.

You can customize it with the many items that can be purchased with virtual money, obtained by answering questions, liking and commenting on friend posts. The dialogs and questions in the game are diverse, from the most common to the weirdest and most comical. Click the link to download Miitomo for free.

9. Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Blazing

The ninjas of one of the most popular animated series of the last decade have finally hit mobile devices. Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Blazing will allow you to follow the events of the original series - and its continuation Naruto Shippuden - by collecting, evolving and battling using the anime characters. It has a functional and creative battle system, forcing the player to create strategies taking into account the fighting space. Download the new Naruto game for Android on Google Play.

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8. DC Legends

Topping our list of top superhero games for Android, DC Legends can also be considered as one of the best Android games in 2016, ranking eighth in our ranking. Inspired by one of the stories in the comic, you should bring together teams of heroes and villains of various eras and styles - such as the Suicide Squad Harlequin or the original Harlequin, for example - to prevent the universe from being consumed. It has turn-based RPG-style battles. Learn more about the game on your page in the Google app store.

7. MMA Federation

Recently launched and dedicated to mixed martial arts fans, MMA Federation also seeks to appeal to fans of electronic sports. But it is wrong to think that the beating here is unremarkable. Being able to create a fighter and train several styles, each time to train in any of them will receive cards with blows.

These cards - both offense and defense - are used in clashes, in which each fighter can choose up to 3 cards to use in the round. Click the link to meet MMA Federation, also available on iPhone.

6. Deus Ex Go

After Hitman Go and Lara Croft Go, yet another franchise for computers and consoles gained a mobile adaptation. Deus Ex Go brings agent Adam Jensen to the turn-based puzzle gameplay for which the mobile franchise was established.

As in the predecessors, the scenarios and some elements have been adapted to suit the futuristic universe of Deus Ex. That is, you will also see the bio-genetic enhancements - known as augmentations - in action and will need to use them intelligently to infiltrate the gigantic corporations of the game. The title costs $ 6.49 at the moment and is available at the link.

5. Her Story

One of the most awarded games of 2016, Her Story features a thriller game that plays like an interactive thriller movie. With access to a police database, you should investigate the story of a woman accused of murder. As an ally, she will have only one search engine for the same database, with hundreds of videos about the story of her husband's disappearance told by the defendant. The title costs $ 16.99 and can be purchased by clicking on the link. Check out our review of the game and learn why we consider it one of the best Android games in 2016!

4. Asphalt Xtreme: Offroad Racing

The most traditional mobile racing series this year released an alternate title over the main series. Bringing track racing to dirt roads, Asphalt Xtreme: Offroad Racing brings the famous monster trucks to cross mountains and dangerous terrain. The game has the same excellent production of the main series titles and vehicle customization and multiplayer matches for up to 8 players. The game is available for free on Google Play.

3. Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius

The best mobile title of the renowned Japanese RPG franchise was released this year. While the predecessors brought shallow stories just to justify fighting the familiar characters in the series by their side, Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius also brought an original story inspired by the classics.

Better yet, the title blends this plot with the ability to continue collecting and playing again with iconic characters from the main series, currently in its fifteenth edition. Click the link to download Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius for free, one of the best collecting games for Android.

2. Pokémon GO

If the title of this article were "10 most revolutionary games for Android", surely Pokémon GO would occupy the 10 positions. Created by Niantic, the game was instant hit and put a lot of people who didn't even like mobile phones to go hunting for Nintendo's virtual monsters on their phones.

As the title has some performance issues and still has some crashes, it was ranked second among the best Android games in 2016. Fever has great potential to come back, as new monsters are being made available in the game. Download Pokémon GO from this link and check out our 10 tips for becoming a master!

1. Clash Royale

A hit that promises to be better than Clash of Clans, which originated this competitive game that mixes hits like League of Legends with card games like Hearthstone. Clash Royale brings the charismatic characters created by Supercell in a game that already has professional championships, something more common in games for computers or consoles.

Its simple and fun formula, which involves summoning creatures by cards to knock down the opponent's towers, ensured their immediate success and top spot on the list of the best Android games in 2016, beating even the revolutionary Pokémon GO. Download Clash Royale from your Google Play page via the link.

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What were your best Android games in 2016?

Now it's up to you: what were your favorites this year? Do you agree with the order or would you put another game in the first place? Comment with us!

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