28 Best Alternatives to Screenflow for PC

Screenflow is an excellent video editor and very popular with Mac users, but those who prefer to use Windows can still use it. Since it seems unlikely that Screenflow developers will release a PC version, it is best to resort to alternatives. That's why we're going to take advantage of today's list to suggest some of the best Screenflow alternatives you can find today for your PC. Check it out below!

1. Movavi

Our first suggestion will be Movavi, which is definitely one of the best alternatives to Screenflow and one of the best editing software you can download for free. It has great tools, so you can edit and add music to your videos, create filters, change contrast or insert slides.

Other than that, it's easy to use even for those who don't have any domain of video editing programs, so you can learn how to create more professional videos easily. Click here to start using for free

2. Wondershare Video Converter

Wondershare Video Converter is another great option that may be one of the alternatives to Screenflow you are looking for. Not only does it serve as a video converter as its name would indicate, it has a very wide selection of editing tools.

It is worth mentioning that it still has support for many different types of formats and is one of the fastest programs on our list. You can check out more about him at this link.

3. ApowerEdit

PowerEdit is perfect for those who don't have much experience with video editing, as it has a simple interface and still has the most necessary and useful tools.

Other than that, the software has several effects and filters that you can simply put in your videos, which is not always present in other programs. You can check out more about him at this link.

4. Nero Video

Nero is an old acquaintance who needed to burn content to CDs and DVDs in the early 2000s, but he still offers some very interesting software.

Nero Video gets an updated version every year and usually has good and useful features, although its interface is a bit old-fashioned. You can check it out via this link.

5. Camtasia

Although not as well known as some of the other software on our list, Camtasia is one of the best alternatives to Screenflow. Besides having all the video editing features, it is also capable of recording your PC screen.

This makes it very easy to record some kind of tutorial or even gameplay of games on your computer and then edit them in the same program. Click here to check out Camtasia.

6. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is another very interesting software that can be one of the best alternatives to Screenflow. It can be used for free and offers very good features for those who want to make editing easier.

The best is that its interface is very intuitive, especially for those who have no custom with editing programs like this. You can check out more about him at this link.

7. Lightworks

Lightworks is another interesting recommendation, as it has a free version and a paid version, depending on what you need in an editing software.

The free version allows you to test all the most basic editing tools and if you really need something more advanced, just purchase the premium version. The software can be downloaded at this link!

8. Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio only has a paid version, but we guarantee it's worth buying if you're looking for a well-resourced and reliable publisher.

Unlike most advanced software, it has a simple interface to understand and use. Still, advanced tools can also be found easily. You can download it from this link.

9. CyberLink PowerDirector

CyberLink PowerDirector is much more focused on home editions, so it may be one of the best alternatives to Screenflow depending on what you need. It has a simple interface, but looks well crafted and professional looking.

Best of all, it has apps for smartphones and tablets that let you keep editing videos even when you're on your computer. Click here to download it.

10. ivsEdits

IvsEdits is a great option for those who are definitely looking for a free editor. It's one of the best in this category available for Windows, so it's worth checking out.

It has a simple interface, but has many of the same tools as other editing software. Just worth noting that it really is more focused on more home editions, as it lacks professional features. Click here to download it.

11. Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter is an old acquaintance who has needed software to convert videos, record them on different media or transfer them to sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.

In addition, the program also offers basic editing tools that can handle simpler jobs. You can check out more about Any Video Converter at this link.

12. Video Watermark

Next is Video Watermark, which does exactly what its name implies and adds a watermark of your choice to your videos.

This is extremely useful after you finish an important issue that will be published on a site like YouTube. This way, even if other people download your video, they won't be able to use it without your brand appearing on it. You can download it through this link.

13. Core VideoStudio

As the name implies, Core VideoStudio belongs to the same line of software as popular CorelDraw. As a result, it is expected that it will deliver high quality and professional results, something that the program fulfills with excellence.

In addition to common editing tools in the most basic version, you can get much more advanced features in the "Ultimate" version, including video speed editing options, support for more than one monitor, easier to produce more layered projects, etc. Click here to buy it.

14. Shotcut

Shotcut can also be downloaded for free, but it looks more professional than the previous option. It has very interesting editing tools and has many different effects so you have a lot of variety in your choices.

The only problem is that your interface can be a little confusing at first glance, so don't be alarmed if it takes a few minutes to get used to it. You can download the program through this link.

15. AVS Video Editor

AVS Video Editor is another very simple and easy to use option. It has relatively advanced editing tools and offers a good deal of effects, support for multiple languages, sharing on various social networks and even compatibility with Blu-ray videos.

Of course, all this is not for free, but you can still try the software free of charge for a limited time. Click here to purchase AVS Video Editor.

16. Sony Vegas Movies Studio

Sony Vegas Movies Studio is a good choice for those who don't have a very powerful computer. It is designed especially to not consume much of your Windows features, but still offers advanced editing tools.

Besides having a very simple interface, it also has transition effects, text, video stabilization and many other features that we see in the full version of Sony Vegas Pro. In addition, it is much cheaper than its more powerful alternative, such as You can check it out at this link.

17. Sony Vegas Pro

While Sony Vegas Movie Studio was made especially for those looking for something light, Sony Vegas Pro is recommended for those who want a really complete but also very heavy experience.

The software is used by many professional publishers and offers all kinds of features you can imagine. In addition to editing tools, it features audio control, 4K video support, DVD layout design, and more. Click here to download it.

18. Adobe Premiere Pro

Since we are talking about some of the most famous software, we can't fail to mention Adobe Premiere Pro. This is one of the most used software when it comes to editing, especially by professionals.

As you might imagine, it offers the best of professional editing and is confusing for those who don't have a good experience with more robust editors. Anyway, it's worth investing in if you want something more serious. You can purchase it through this link.

19. Jahshaka

Jahshaka is one of the best free video editing alternatives today, despite having a very unusual name. It also has a beautiful and professional look and is very simple to use.

Other than that, the software still has basic editing tools and some features for those who work directly with 2D and 3D animation, a very cool differential very interesting. Click here to know and download Jahshaka.

20. Wax

Already Wax is considered one of the best video editors for those who are still starting in this area. It is very good for those who want to learn more about editing, as it is quite simple to move, yet offers some impressive features and special effects.

It is worth mentioning that it does not have such advanced tools, but being totally free and very light, it is still a great alternative. You can download it through this link.

21. HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express is very interesting software that has become very popular among new video editors. It already has the advantage that it can be downloaded for free and has good editing tools, including some advanced features that you can't easily find out there.

Still, it's worth mentioning HitFilm Express allows you to buy additional tools depending only on the kind of things you need. This already helps a lot in customizing its use with the software, which is not so common with other alternatives. You can download it from this link.

22. VSDC Free Video Editor

Another great free editor is VSDC Free Video Editor, which brings an impressive number of filters, effects and features to software that charges nothing for its use.

It also has an interesting interface and encourages your creativity when organizing your videos and different editions, which is great for both beginners and veteran editors. You can download it from this link.

23. Avidemux

Avidemux is quite different from most of the video editors we listed in this article, but it will easily meet those with the most basic needs. It's free and looks very simple, almost looking like very old software, but at least it's easy to use.

What's more, it has some really cool features and tools, besides it also comes with feats and filters that any editor eventually needs. It can be downloaded via this link.

24. Magix Movie Edit Pro

Magix Movie Edit Pro is very complete software and one of the great alternatives to Screenflow. It's paid, but it offers very professional features that should meet all your video editing needs.

There are hundreds of filters, effects and transitions, so you'll have more options than you can imagine to customize your creations. Click here to check out more about the program.

25. VirtualDub

VirtualDub is a very different option from the rest of our list, as it is much older and has a very old fashioned interface. Still, it pays off in the features it offers.

A good advantage of VirtualDub is that it is extremely lightweight and can be used on any type of PC. You can download it for free through this link.

26. Pitivi

Finally, we have Pitivi, which mixes many of the qualities of other software that we list here. This program has a professional interface, efficient features, is simple to learn to use and is also completely free.

Considering all this, it is easy to say that it is perfect for those who are just starting to edit, as well as those who are already experienced and looking for quality software. He is one of the best free video editors and can be found at this link.

27. Kdenlive

Kdenlive is an interesting alternative that is also completely free. Its advantage is that it offers some very advanced features and even compares with other premium software out there.

Its interface is also very nice and easy to understand, so it's worth checking out. You can download it by clicking this link.

28. VideoStudio Pro

Finally we have VideoStudio Pro, which is a paid software, but also has a free trial version to know if it is worth buying its full version.

It has a minimalist interface and all the features and tools you would expect from premium software. You can download VideoStudio at this link!

Did you like the alternatives to Screenflow?

Could you use our list to find good alternatives to Screenflow for Windows? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think.

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