The 7 Best Sites To Learn Piano Online

The piano is a very complex and demanding musical instrument, but not everyone has the time or money to do live lessons. Fortunately, there are some websites that offer online lessons for those who want to start learning or simply improve their music skills. If you're curious and want to practice piano more easily, you can check out our top site suggestions below!

1. Zebra Keys

For starters we have Zebra Keys, which is one of the best sites for finding both theoretical and practical piano lessons. All are very explanatory and easy to understand even for beginners.

In addition, the site has an interactive piano for you to try out all exercises if you don't have a piano or keyboard nearby. Click here to access it

2. PianoNanny

Next up is PianoNanny, which is very popular and definitely worth checking out. It's completely free, with very detailed explanations and exercises that really help you improve your skills.

In addition to these lessons, you will be accompanied by a variety of images that will help you understand each detail more easily. You can check the site at this link.

3. Plern Piano

If you are looking for a more informal way to learn piano, we can easily recommend Plern Piano. The site caters to both musicians who want to create their music from scratch and beginners who want to learn specific songs.

It helps you learn the song you choose by parts and shows you a visual representation of which keys need to be played at any given moment, so you can follow along. Click here to check out the site.

4. BerkleeShares

A few years ago, the Berklee College of Music began making many of its classes available online through the BerkleeShares website.

Of course, piano lessons can be found there, and you can choose between video and PDF lessons. Click here to access the website.

5. Piano for all

We also have Piano for All, which is very simple to use and offers many lessons for beginners and people with some intermediate piano knowledge.

Unfortunately, it does not have many exercises for those who are already advanced in the instrument, but it is worth checking. Click here to access the website.

6. Flowkey

Flowkey is a bit different as it has a much greater focus on learning certain songs. In this case, he is more suitable for those who already have some notion about piano and just want a help with songs. It is a paid site, but you can try it for free for a while. Click here to access the website.

7. MusicTheory

The MusicTheory site is one of the most useful on our list and offers excellent lessons and explanations for beginners and intermediates of the instrument.

All exercises are explained in a simple to understand way and the site even shows a small keyboard to demonstrate what you need to do. Click here to check out the site.

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