The 7 Biggest Problems of iPhone 8 and How to Solve Them

Launched a few months ago, the iPhone 8 did not show big news compared to its predecessors, but still proved a good alternative for those who had much older smartphones. Of course, like most mobile devices, it is not free to present certain problems or errors during use. Fortunately, most can be resolved by the user himself and are not usually so serious. You can check out some of the biggest issues with iPhone 8 and how you can solve it efficiently in our list of tips below!

1. Battery

Unfortunately, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have suffered from battery problems since their release and may still occur in some cases. The biggest culprit is iOS 11 itself, which comes standard with this model.

In recent months, Apple has released several system updates to correct the situation, so you should update to the latest version as soon as possible. If you continue to experience problems like this, follow our iPhone 8 battery improvement tips at this link.

2. Wi-Fi

Problems with Wi-Fi are more common than you might think, and it's not something that is unique to iPhone 8. In general, it's normal for the connection to drop for no reason or you can't connect to your Wi-Fi network.

In these cases, you can restart your smartphone and try again, as this solves the problem most of the time. If it does not work, you may need to go to the network settings and choose the "Reset Network Settings" option. This will erase the saved data from your Wi-Fi on iPhone 8, so you'll need to re-enter it. Finally, always make sure your router is working properly.

3. Bluetooth

Bluetooth is another feature that can cause problems for your iPhone 8 users. The most common is that it does not recognize certain devices or the connection drops suddenly. First of all, always restart the device and try again.

If that doesn't work, test the bluetooth accessory with other devices to see if it works. Also be sure to check if the accessory has a charged battery and is compatible with iPhone 8. Finally, keep iPhone properly updated as the compatibility issue may be iOS.

4. Apps crashing

Many apps and games may start crashing for no apparent reason on iPhone 8, but this is not always the device's fault. Most commonly, you have installed an app developed for an older version of iOS and some compatibility issues are causing these issues.

In this case, it's important to keep the app as up-to-date as possible, but there are always situations where developers simply no longer support the app.

5. Overheating

Overheating is one of the iPhone 8 issues that you will definitely encounter at some point. This can be caused for many reasons, such as by using very heavy apps and games, by exposing the device to the sun, by charging the battery, etc.

It is natural for this to happen in all these situations, so you should only worry if the heating is too frequent or happens when the unit is not being used or charged. In these cases, consider taking iPhone for service.

6. Full Storage

This is another characteristic problem of the iPhone 8, where the storage of the device is filling for no apparent reason and nothing new is added to it.

This issue has been around since the beta of iOS 11, so you may encounter this soon after you purchase the device. To resolve, update iPhone as soon as possible and keep watching to see if the error keeps happening.

7. Slow Command Response

On certain versions of iOS, many users have noticed that some commands take much longer than usual to respond. This can happen when opening apps or even pressing the Home button to return to the home screen.

To resolve this, you need to update your operating system to the latest version as Apple has made updates available to address this. If you still notice that the problem happens, you may want to take the unit for service.

Resolved iPhone 8 issues?

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