7 tips for using Facebook safely

In general, it can be a little difficult to have privacy or even security on social networks, because many people end up revealing a lot of information that should be better protected. This often happens a lot on Facebook, where you can post, post photos and videos and even share your location at any time. Fortunately, there are very simple steps you can take every day to use Facebook safely without having to be so restrictive. Check out our suggestions below!

1. Don't accept random people

For starters, always be aware of the people adding you and don't accept complete strangers without good reason. These people can use the information on your profile to know the places you go to, the things you like, and who your family and close friends are, for example.

All of this data can be used in a variety of ways to take advantage of the user, so try to keep only acquaintances added to your profile.

2. Do not share personal data

Another important factor is to avoid sharing personal data, which includes your address, phone number, email address and other sensitive information. If someone wants to disturb you or even impersonate you in some way, this is the data that is usually used.

3. Avoid sharing your location

Unfortunately, many people are in the habit of posting messages telling you exactly where you are at all times. This not only gives you information about the places you usually go to, but it also makes it easier for someone to simply go after you.

There is a lot of news about thieves, kidnappers or obsessed people who used information like that to attack someone, since it was so easy to know where the other person was.

4. Wait to post certain photos

The previous tip leads us to another important suggestion: wait a few hours or days to post certain photos on Facebook. It's no use avoiding sharing your location if you simply decide to post a photo that already makes it clear where you are.

This can easily be resolved by avoiding saying the name of the place in the photo caption or waiting for a while to post it. This way you will definitely not be in that place anymore and there are no chances of being found there.

5. Filter what others can see on your profile

Of course you don't have to be totally restricted about what you post on your Facebook, so what you can do is filter out what other people can see on your profile.

It's pretty easy to prevent strangers or friends of friends from seeing your posts, which already gives you good privacy. You can also block friends from seeing new posts, as you can see in this tutorial.

6. Block unwanted people

Another tip that you should always consider when feeling that someone is disturbing you is to use social network lock. Like it or not, blocking someone is still one of the most effective ways to avoid this kind of situation. The good thing is that you can block both Facebook and Facebook Messenger separately.

7. Avoid third party apps and games

Finally, we may also suggest that you avoid using apps and games that require Facebook integration, even if they are offering benefits. Generally, these apps just want access to your information, if only to show you certain advertisements. This also goes for sites that ask for Facebook login, which can be even more dangerous if it's not a reliable service.

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