Don't Buy The New MacBook Pro: 5 Reasons To Keep Your Money In The Bank

Not long ago, we published a list of 8 reasons to invest in the new MacBook Pro, launched a few months ago and unveiled during an Apple event. But it's not all flowers, and even with great reasons to buy it, there are also good reasons to either wait a little longer or discard the idea of ​​taking one home. That's why we've compiled a new list with 5 reasons not to buy the new MacBook Pro!

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1. A MacBook Pro may ship next year

Despite the long gap between the launch of this MacBook Pro with its predecessor - 2012 -, there is already talk of the possible launch of a 2017 edition of the notebook line. That is, it is possible that the ideal is to save money on this purchase until the launch of the next line. A second reason also justifies waiting for the next edition…

2.… Touch Bar is in its first version

Although groundbreaking, this is still the first version of the Touch Bar. That is, even with the huge number of possibilities already in its launch, a second edition that can come with a 2017 MacBook Pro will certainly expand the concept, and fix the main Touch Bar errors on the current Mac.

3. He is powerful, but could be better.

The outstanding performance of the MacBook Pro is undeniable. But one of the main reasons why not buying the new MacBook Pro is that, for the price charged, it could be even better. Although 16GB of memory is great and can last for several years, the Apple computer cannot have its memory expanded beyond this setting. Intel processors aren't the top of the line, either, although they are close to that.

4. It's expensive

In Brazil, the new MacBook Pro is costing between $ 11, 499 and $ 21, 299. The cheaper version of the computer doesn't even have TouchBar, and many other notebooks of similar configurations - except Thunderbolt ports - are cheaper. The only reason to buy this model is if you are a big fan and brand user.

5. Has poor compatibility with traditional devices

While older versions of the MacBook had standard USB ports, allowing you to use all kinds of peripherals, the Thunderbolt inputs changed everything. That is, to use your peripherals normally with the new MacBook Pro, you will also have to invest in various types of adapters, which are also not cheap. Coupled with the price of the computer itself, just the price of it all is a compelling reason not to buy the new MacBook Pro.

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Buy or not buy the new MacBook Pro?

Now we ask you: Is it worth investing in the new MacBook Pro now or is it better to wait for a new edition to be announced? Or is it worth investing already in this issue? Comment with us and take this question by sharing this article on your social networks!

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