Facebook Flash: Complete Tutorial for Using Snapchat Rival

Facebook is coming full force to try to debunk Snapchat's hegemony. In addition to the release of Instagram Stories, which replicates some of its rival's functionality, the social networking giant now comes with its own clone, bringing everything Snapchat has to offer. Anyone who is already used to snapping will have no problem using Facebook Flash. Already those who are curious but never used it and want to check out the alternative that Facebook is launching, check out the full tutorial of Facebook Flash!

Note: Facebook Flash is currently only available in Brazil and Android devices. The global release or an iPhone and iPad version has not yet been announced.

Download Facebook Flash

Download Facebook Flash from the Google Play Store.

Post to Facebook Flash

Creating new posts is very easy, just using your phone's camera to take selfies or photos. Remember that holding the button causes you to record a video, which ends when you release the center button. To add filters, simply choose one from the horizontal bar just above the camera button. With the photo (or video) taken, the app shows you the options of stickers to place, located at the top of the screen. Beside them, another icon allows it to include short text and the third icon allows it to “paint” and draw on screen with a side menu to select the color.

The three icons at the bottom allow you to set the exposure time of the photo after receiving the click, downloading the photo to your mobile phone and the last one confirms the submission of the publication.

Add friends on Facebook Flash

Almost every application menu lets you add your Facebook contacts as friends. The main way is to tap the icon at the top center of the screen, which will show your friends list and allow you to invite them to view your posts.

Post and post stories on Facebook Flash

From the main screen, you can send messages, similar to Snapchat. By clicking on the “chat bubble” icon in the app, your friends list will be shown, allowing you to pick a person and send a flash just to them using the method described in the “ Post to Facebook ” item.

On the other side of the bottom corner, you can access the Stories posted by your friends and see what you posted yourself. As with Snapchat, Facebook Flash Stories are also available for 24 hours and are deleted after that time.

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Have you started testing Facebook Flash?

Apparently, the main target of the Snapchat clone is the Brazilian public, one that uses both social networks the most. We believe that the success and consequent launch of the application will be through the analysis of results in our country. Is that you? Already a Snapchat user and started testing Flash? Or are you trying for the first time? Comment with us and don't forget to comment what you think about the app!

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