Google Pixel vs iPhone 7 Plus: Which is the fastest?

After a few weeks of expectation, Google Pixel has finally hit stores and is delivering on everything it has promised since its announcement. Still, it's impossible not to wonder how Google's new official smartphone compares to the iPhone 7. Although the device has barely been released, several types of speed and performance tests have already been conducted. You can check the full result below!

Pixel vs iPhone 7 Plus

The initial tests of the two smartphones were made by the channel "SuperSap TV" on YouTube, which already has the habit of conducting speed tests of this type. For starters, we used the Geekbench 3 application, which is specific to test the performance of smartphones.

In this test, iPhone 7 Plus fared much better, with a single-core score of 3488 and a multi-core of 5590, while Pixel scored 1565 on the single-core and 4103 on the multi-core. By itself, this should indicate that the iPhone is faster, but it is also important to check how the two devices perform in everyday tasks and whether the difference is noticeable to an average user. You can check the test in more detail in the video below:

Using basic apps like calculator, web browser, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, both devices performed very similarly. In fact, in some of them, the Pixel was faster to charge and in others, the iPhone was faster.

It was when the games started to open that a difference could really be noticed. The iPhone 7 Plus is really much faster when loading games, whether light or heavy. This is not to say that Pixel takes too long on loading screens, but it definitely takes longer than its competitor.

Since several applications and games were opened and left behind in the background throughout the test, it was also possible to check how the RAM of both devices behaved. Fortunately, the two did very well, and all app information was kept for later use.

As a conclusion, you can see that Google has not yet been able to reach the iPhone in terms of speed, but did very well on its first official smartphone. Anyway, the difference between the two would hardly be noticed by a consumer in normal use, which is something important to the success of Pixel.

The question is whether Google's smartphone can topple the Galaxy S7 or if Samsung's device is still the best you can get on Android.

What did you think of the comparison?

Can you get a better sense of the two devices with the performance comparison of the two? Don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think and which one you prefer.

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