Google Play Awards: Top 10 Android Apps of 2017

A few days ago, Google held its annual developer conference, which announced its new Android Go operating system. The system was built for older devices and unable to run newer ones - such as Android O, which is currently in beta. and you can already register. During the event, Google also celebrated an award for the best Android apps in 2017, selecting the top 10 in different categories. We've brought the list to let you know which apps are the highest rated to have on your smartphone or tablet.

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1. Best independent game: Mushroom 11

Also called indie games, these games are not supported by major game companies like Gameloft or Blizzard, for example. In this category, the puzzle game Mushroom 11 was the big winner. The game puts it as a shape-shifting fungus that must explore a world ravaged by destruction, facing challenges in finding new places and braving that world. Click the link to download the game and watch the video below with a trailer of the title.

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2. Best startup: HOOKED

The app has a curious premise: being a storyteller, conveyed to the user as if it were a messaging app. New stories are added every day and the user can also submit their mysterious stories for others to read in the app. The kind of app that looks silly but can arrest those who download it. Learn more about the app by visiting its page on Google Play.

3. Best app for Android Wear: Runtastic Running & Fitness

The Android smartwatch system was also one of the awards categories. The winner was Runtastic Running & Fitness, dedicated to athletes on duty. With free and paid options, the app is the most complete in its category and has been considered by Google to be the best option for those already using Android Wear 2.0. Click the link to download it and learn about the 16 best models of Android smartwatches in this article.

4. Best TV Experience: Red Bull TV

Red Bull's TV app won the award by including a program that ranges from extreme sports to music event coverage. Its victory was due precisely to the great amount of entertainment that the channel per app offers. Check out more about Red Bull TV through the link.

5. Best Virtual Reality (VR) Experience: Virtual Virtual Reality

You are not confused, the application is really called Virtual Virtual Reality. A kind of reference to the movie Inception (released as The Origin in Brazil), the virtual reality application lets you try… other models of glasses for technology and experience the stories and worlds contained there. Click the link to learn more about Virtual Virtual Reality!

6. Best Augmented Reality (AR) experience: WOORLD

After Pokémon GO unveiled Augmented Reality technology to the world, several other Android apps were released with the technology. In early 2017, Google awarded WOORLD, a free game that lets you create your own designs and constructions in your living room or any other room, giving them a makeover or imagining the room in a more playful and fun way. Click the link to learn more about the innovative game.

7. Best kids app: Animal Jam - Play Wild!

Google has nominated the game Animal Jam - Play Wild! as the best of Android apps aimed at little ones. In a three-dimensional world with cartoon-inspired visuals, the game teaches them about animals and their respective habitats while playing small games to stimulate learning. Learn more about Animal Jam on your Google Play page.

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8. Best multiplayer game: Hearthstone

Although released three years ago, Hearthstone remains one of the most popular mobile games. The World of Warcraft-inspired collectible card game is simple to learn and hard to master, but it has a system that allows you to play with similar level players, hardly resulting in unbalanced matches. Click the link to download it to your Android smartphone or tablet.

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9. Best Game - Transformers: Forged to Fight

Bringing Transformers from all universes - even from the 3D design in which robots assumed the skin of prehistoric animals - Transformers: Forged to Fight is a fighting game that lets you collect and form mixed teams with Autobots, Decepticons, Maximals and more. Its excellent graphics and grassroots strategy-inspired defense system have also helped giant robot games earn the title of best game ever released for Android. Learn more about the game on its Google Play page.

10. Best app: Memrise

Memrise was named the best of Android apps of 2017. A language-oriented app, Memrise uses videos with native speakers of the language it wants to learn, as well as games to teach its users. Currently, about 15 million people have downloaded and used the app, and recently the Memrise team introduced chatbots as a new way of learning. Click the link to download the app.

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Which of these Android apps have you tried?

With the award, the applications that received the award will surely gain an improvement in the download rate, as their quality has been attested by Google itself. Have you tried some of these Android apps? Which one seemed the most interesting? Comment with us!

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