How to clear notifications on iPhone and iPad with iOS 10 at once

IPhone users have gained a reason to boast of those who prefer Google's system. With the arrival of iOS 10, it becomes possible to clear notifications on iPhone and iPad at once. The method, however, is not unique to all iPhones as it requires the user to use the 3DTouch function of the smartphone or tablet.

The feature is available only on iPhone 6 and iPad Pro 6, 6S, and SE editions, with the addition of the need to use the Apple Pencil. Those who have handsets released before this will unfortunately not have a method of clearing notifications on iPhone and iPad. Check out the tutorial below:

Using the 3D Touch function to clear notifications on iPhone and iPad

You no longer need to go to each notification and hit the "x" button and then select the "Clear" option to get rid of the notifications. To clear them all at once, you must swipe down on the home screen to show warnings.

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From there you will have to touch and hold the “x” button a little more tightly to activate the 3DTouch function. When you activate, Clear All Notifications will appear on the screen by simply tapping the option to get rid of them all at once.

However, as we stated earlier, older devices do not have a way to do this even if they perform the same procedure. Should a future Apple system update bring the feature back, we will post a new tutorial dedicated specifically to these devices.

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Source and Image: iPhone Hacks

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