How to Download Netflix Series Images and Movies on iPhone

Netflix is ​​certainly one of the most used services in the world today, especially for its incredible collection of movies and series. Even though it's mainly for watching this kind of content, Netflix still has some very interesting hidden things that can be very fun for anyone who is a fan of the company. One of the coolest factors is the ability to download official series and movie images from the streaming service directly to your iPhone or iPad. To learn how to do this, just check out our tips below!

Downloading images from Netflix

To get started, open the Netflix app on your iPhone or iPad. As expected, you'll see a huge selection of movies and series suggested according to their use.

Choose one of them and click as if you were watching the content. You'll see the screen below with information about the movie (or series) and a few more options. Among them, click "Share."

You'll see some default iPhone and iPad sharing options, but you must click the "Save Image" option to proceed.

A message from Netflix asking for permission to perform the action is likely to appear, simply confirm to continue.

Once connected to the internet, the download is immediate and you can check out the new image in your iPhone or iPad photo gallery.

This can be done with any Netflix title, but you cannot choose the downloaded image. Still, it's a great way to customize your device with your favorite movie or series.

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