How to format Windows 10 for restoration or sale

Some computer problems do not have a solution other than simply erasing the data and restoring it to factory settings, or at least formatting Windows 10 and keeping it on the source system. Both options are possible, such as restoring your PC but keeping Windows current ideal for troubleshooting and factory settings when you need to sell your computer. Check out our tutorial and learn how to get it back in any of these formats!

Tip: Before formatting Windows 10, try using a restore point to avoid losing all your files! Check out this text to learn how to do it!

How to format Windows 10 for restoration or sale

You can format Windows 10 for a variety of purposes. To resolve a problem that has not been resolved after several attempts, you can completely clean the computer and reinstall the current system version back. Follow the steps below to perform formatting:

Note: Remember to back up your most important files and applications before proceeding!

1 - Access the Windows 10 Settings app;

2 - Choose the option Update and Security ;

3 - Click on Recovery ;

4 - In the Restore PC option, click Start Now ;

5 - You can choose to keep your files - ideal if you didn't follow our recommendation above and stop backing up your files - or remove everything. Remember that if you choose to keep the files, still installed applications and drivers will be removed. Things like photos, documents, videos and music will still remain in the hard drive.

6 - For restoration, we recommend just keeping the files, leaving the option to remove everything if your computer continues to have problems. After selecting it above, a window with a list of all installed applications that will be removed will allow you to analyze if you really want to get rid of them. After checking the list - which will be available on the desktop after restoration - click Next ;

7 - If you choose to remove all files in step 5 of this tutorial, Windows will ask if you want to delete only the drive on which Windows 10 is installed or all disks installed on your computer. This option will not appear if you have only one drive. Choose one of the options to proceed;

8 - Choose between just file removal or wiping the drive. Performing cleanup is the longest but safest option as it makes it difficult to recover deleted files and is ideal if you are formatting Windows 10 to sell or donate to someone else. Otherwise, only removal will be sufficient;

9 - Click Reset to start the process;

Note: It is not possible to cancel the process thus started. Make absolutely sure everything is right before you start formatting Windows 10!

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Did you manage to format Windows 10 and solve your problem?

A process considered complex in previous editions of Microsoft's operating system, formatting Windows 10 has become one of the simplest tasks to do on your computer. This allowed anyone with basic knowledge to perform the process without having to hire a professional. Did you manage to restore using the above steps? Got a question? Comment with us!

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