How I gained 2733 Instagram followers in just 1 month

Certainly, you may have seen a lot of accounts around increasing the number of followers on Instagram very quickly. How do they do it? In fact, increasing Instagram followers is not always a reliable metric. There are, for example, many accounts that are filled with fake followers. And that's not good for your business, because fake followers don't buy your products.

What I am going to talk about in this text is about real followers . People who can even buy your products or services through Instagram.

If you clicked through this text, you probably want to increase your Insta's followers and convert it into sales! So in this article, I will show you how I increased my account with 2733 followers in just 1 month. And they are true followers, no false followers! They are Brazilians and professionals who are potential clients of my business.

The Proof of Instagram Followers

The image I will show you below is proof that I increased 2733 followers in 1 month:

But how did I get it? Using automation software.

In the old days, when someone wanted to increase the number of followers, they would follow many people on Instagram expecting them to follow back. Let's take an example of a clothing store in Bahia. To increase the number of followers and interested, in the past this shop would look for Bahia profiles on Instagram and manually tracked them all. With that, I hoped many would follow back and see their products on Instagram. But this was very laborious and time consuming…

It was then that some entrepreneurs thought. Why not create a robot that does it automatically? That is, instead of manually following people around, this robot does this job for you.

Now you might be thinking, “Ah, but this won't bring people from my city, for example!”

Yes it will! :)

In these automation tools, you can segment who you will follow. In the tool, you can choose to follow people based on profile, hashtag and location. In the Bahia store example, she could start following people who:

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