How to make iPhone calls without unlocking the screen

Ok, we all know that, despite the name, making calls on the iPhone is probably one of the few things we rarely do on the smartphone. Still, it's a basic function of any smartphone, no matter how far the technology advances. To speed up this process, there is a way to make calls on iPhone without unlocking the screen. However, the function is only possible for your favorite contacts. Keep reading below to learn how to make iPhone calls with iOS 10 without unlocking the screen!

1. How to turn contacts into Favorites

On the contacts screen, click the "+" button in the upper left corner of the screen, next to the word Favorites . Then type and look for the name you want to add to the list. Once you find it, just tap it once to transfer it to your favorites list.

After that, a popup will appear at the bottom of the screen, from which you can specify which of the specific contact numbers. Repeat this process with all the contacts you want to bookmark. However, the bookmarks widget will only show eight contacts, which can be accessed without having to unlock the iPhone screen.

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2. Activate the widget

On iOS 10, swipe down on your home screen, whether iPhone is open or closed. You can also access the Today view through the notification center. At the bottom of the new screen, hit the "Edit" button. From there, find the bookmarks widget and click the "+" button. After that you can arrange the position of the widget in your list.

After performing this step, simply access the Today screen from the locked screen again so you can call your eight favorite contacts on iOS 10. iPhone 6 or 6S owners can also access the favorites screen from the 3DTouch function. Check below how your screen looks when the widget is active:

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Source and Images: iPhone Hacks

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