How to mute camera sound from Android devices

When cameras began to be implemented in cell phones, the sound they made in cameras ended up being placed to give users a familiar feel. Of course, it makes no sense nowadays that this sound is present, but it is still there on most Android devices, for example. This can be annoying when you just want to take a picture without everyone listening or noticing, but there is an easy way to solve it. To learn how to mute your Android camera, just check out our tips below!

Turning off camera sound on Android

The procedure for muting this sound may differ slightly depending on the brand of your device. Still, all are very similar and easy to find.

On most smartphones, simply turn the volume down to silent mode, as in the image below. This fits most brands including Nexus, Pixel and LG.

On Motorola devices, simply open the camera, swipe the screen from left to right and choose the option we highlight in the image below. This will silence the camera automatically.

On Sony devices, the process is also simple. Open the camera and click the symbol with three vertical dots. Then click on the gear icon and turn off the "Sound" option.

For smartphones that do not work with the options mentioned above, you can use the Silent Camera Pro app, which can be downloaded from this link. It is used to silence your camera regardless of the make or model of smartphone, so it may be a better option overall.

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