How to open recently closed tabs in Safari on iPhone

While not the best browser to use today, Safari is still widely used by iPhone owners, especially users who simply prefer to use Apple's native apps. A very common thing to happen is to accidentally close a browser tab and not know how to open it again. Fortunately, this is extremely easy to do, as you can check out below with our top tips!

Reopening Tabs in Safari

As you might have guessed, this process only works if the tab has been closed quite recently. It's no use trying this with a tab you've been on for a long time. However, with Safari open, click on the two overlapping tabs icon, as highlighted in the image below:

Then just click and press the button with the "+" icon for a few seconds.

This will make a list of recently closed tabs appear. If you recently cleared the Safari cache in your device settings, iPhone may no longer have this information.

Then you just need to click on the tab you want to open again. Okay, now just enjoy the page you were seeing exactly where you left off.

We only suggest that you don't depend on this feature as you can't always count on it to find older tabs.

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