How to post multiple photos on Instagram in 6 steps

A recent Instagram update has enabled social network posts to have more than one photo or video simultaneously, similar to what we see on Facebook. However, unlike it, there is still the limitation of containing up to 10 photos and videos - can be mixed - in one post. We took advantage of the news and explained in 6 steps how to post photos on Instagram through this additional functionality.

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How to post multiple photos on Instagram in 6 steps

1 - Open the Instagram app and click the " + " icon in the bottom center corner of the screen;

2 - Tap the Select Multiple button to choose up to 10 media in your publication;

3 - Choose the photos that will be part of the post by tapping on them. The numbers define the order to be published, but you can only change this order on the next screen. Confirm by clicking Next ;

4 - In this screen, you can adjust the order of photos on Instagram by simply holding and dragging the image or video to the desired position. You can choose a filter for all photos, and when you tap a specific photo, you can also choose a specific filter for it. When finishing touches, tap Next again;

5 - Insert subtitles, tags and hashtags as you do in a regular publication;

6 - After posting, your followers can see all the photos and videos of your post by sliding sideways.

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Have you started posting multiple photos on Instagram at once?

Did you like the news presented by Instagram? Have you started publishing with multiple photos and videos? Comment with us what you think of the update and if you had any questions during this tutorial!

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