How to recover deleted files from a flash drive on PC

As we have already taught, it can be quite simple to recover a corrupted flash drive, but a more common problem that plagues small storage devices is deleted files that need to be recovered for some reason.

Sometimes we end up deleting files unintentionally, the thumb drive crashes and deletes all of its contents or simply needs to retrieve files for some reason. Whatever it is, it can be really desperate not to know how or if it is possible to restore something already deleted, but fortunately there is a very simple solution.

If you need to perform this type of procedure or want to prevent yourself knowing how this is possible, just check out our tutorial and learn how to recover deleted files from a USB flash drive!

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Recovering files from flash drive

All that is required to recover deleted files from a flash drive is a very popular and efficient program called Recuva (click here to download it). It is extremely simple, free and is just for recovering files that have been deleted from flash drives, hard drives, etc.

After installing the program on your computer, open it and read through the instructions that roughly tell how the software works. Fortunately, it comes entirely in Portuguese, making it even easier for us!

Then Recuva will ask you what types of files you intend to recover. If you're looking for something specific, like pictures, videos, or music, just choose the corresponding option. If you want to restore several different files at once, it is best to choose the option to restore as many files as possible.

Then the software will want to know where the files you are looking for were. As we are talking about flash drives, we need to select the option "On my media card". Despite what the name says, this will cause Recuva to search and restore files on a removable device, ie your flash drive. You can also choose the “In a specific location” option to tell you exactly where Recuva should act.

Click next and wait while the software finishes recovering all possible files on your flash drive. This process may take a while depending on your device's storage capacity, as the longer it will take for your device to do a full search and restore.

When the process is complete, you will see everything Recuva was able to find on your device. Then you just have to select what you want to permanently restore and click "Recover." Importantly, the newer the file that was deleted, the greater the chances that the program will be able to restore it.

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Another important point for the process to be successful and to make sure that you will get a specific file back is that you should not add new things to the flash drive as this could erase the old file from device memory altogether.

Also check out a video from our Youtube channel that can help with this theme:

So, were you able to take advantage of our tips on how to recover deleted files from a flash drive? Just don't forget to leave your comment telling us if our tutorial worked with you or if you had any questions or problems during the process!

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