How to reinstall MacOS 10.12.4 to factory version

The Mac operating system has recently been updated, with something new that might please anyone who needs to reinstall MacOS 10.12.4 to its factory version - or the closest one available. A new command combination will now allow this return, rather than just bringing back the current version or upgrading the system to the most current one. This means that it will now be easier to recover your computer software to its early stage, ideal for those looking to sell it. Check out the walkthrough below!

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How to reinstall MacOS 10.12.4 to factory version

1 - Restart your Mac;

2 - While the Mac restarts, hold down Shift - Option - Command - R ;

3 - Release the buttons when viewing a spinning globe or the Apple logo;

4 - Reinstall MacOS option in MacOS Utilities window;

5 - Follow the instructions that will appear in the following windows;

6 - Choose which disk the Mac will be reinstalled on;

7 - After reinstalling the system, your computer will restart;

8 - If you are reinstalling MacOS for the purpose of selling the computer, do not enter your personal data like AppleID.

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What did you think of the new update for MacOS 10.12.4?

Reinstalling MacOS to the version you purchased at the time you purchased your computer can be very useful for anyone who wants to completely restart the system. The method is especially useful when the goal is to sell the computer, returning the Mac to its initial state and also erasing your Apple ID data, keeping it safe. What do you think about the new version? Made your Mac faster or are you having trouble? Have your say in the comments section below!

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