How to share Mac screen to solve problems

Depending on your level of knowledge, it can be tricky to solve any problems you may have with your Mac, leaving you with a faulty and unsolved computer. One way around this is to ask a friend who understands more about Mac for help, but they may not always be able to visit you to help you. In this case, it is best to share your Mac screen so that it can control your computer remotely or at least guide you through troubleshooting. Learn how by reading the tutorial below!

Tip: If you need to format the computer, learn how to create restore points to back up using the Time Machine feature.

How to share Mac screen

Remember that the method requires both to have Mac computers. To enable screen sharing on Mac, go to System Preferences and Sharing . In this menu, enable the Screen Sharing box. In addition, they must have each other's contact card on their computer before they can share the Mac screen. To begin the process, search for the term Screen Sharing in search and start it.

Then put the Apple ID of the person with whom you will share the Mac screen in the box that will open. The person will receive an invitation and must accept to begin setting up access splitting. After accepting the person you should leave the Control My Screen option checked so that you can control your Mac.

A simpler way to share your Mac screen is through the Messages for macOS app. Open a conversation window with the person who will control your computer and click the Details button located in the upper right corner of the window.

Then click Invite to share my screen to have it take control of your screen or Ask to share screen to ask the other to share your screen with you. After that, the same confirmation screen of the previous method will appear to the guest.

To end Mac screen sharing, simply go to the Screen Sharing menu in the upper left corner of your screen and choose Quit Screen Sharing to take back control of your computer.

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Got to share the Mac screen?

Sharing the screen with someone else on a Mac is a simpler process than doing it on a Windows 10 PC without downloading any applications. Did you manage to share through either process? Comment with us and share this tutorial with your friends!

Source and Images: 9to5Mac

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