How to use remote access in Windows 10 to troubleshoot

While there are applications that specialize in providing remote access in Windows, that is, allow others to access your machine - usually used to provide online support for troubleshooting - you can do it natively in Windows 10. Here's how!

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How to prepare Windows 10 for remote access

Before you begin, you must free your PC to receive remote access. Open the Windows Start menu and go to the Settings app .

With the app open, go to System .

Choose About and write down the PC Name:

After noting the name, choose from the side menu the Power and sleep option. In Suspend, make sure both options in this menu are set to Never .

After making these settings, pass the name of your PC to the person who will access it remotely. To allow remote access, go back to the Start menu and type Allow remote access to your computer by clicking the option that appears.

A window will open. Make sure the Allow Remote Assistance Connections to this computer box is checked as shown below.

How to perform remote access in Windows 10

Now who will access the PC remotely using another Windows computer, go to the Start menu and type Remote Desktop Connection . Before you even finish typing the app of the same name will appear. Open it.

In the field that will open, enter the name of the PC received by the person who will answer, then press the Connect button.

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Now it's your turn: were you able to access through the steps described above? Did you run into any complications in the process? Remember that computers need to be connected to the internet for it to work. Comment if the process was successful below!

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