How to use Tik Tok: 9 things you need to know

A social network has emerged to clash with Instagram! Tik Tok is an application for making short videos and is increasingly popular with young people. Formerly called, the app focuses on fun and authentic content.

The success was such that Instagram struck a deal with several record labels to have a collection of their own and allow their users to put songs in the Stories, as we taught in this article. All this to compete with the growing popularity of the app.

It even sounds like Dollify, which has dominated social media in recent weeks.

I had heard of the new social network - which promises to be among the most used in the world soon - but never had the opportunity to explore it?

So keep reading the article to learn 9 things you need to know about Tik Tok!

1. Everything happens on just two screens

One of the decisions that made Tik Tok so popular is its dynamism, which borders on the chaotic. This means that everything happens on just two screens. You can comment, download videos, silence annoying users and even block a user by tapping a few icons.

The second screen exists only to check the profile of the creator you are watching. Even the feed has only two separations: recommendations made by the app based on what is popular and the type of content it consumes or users it is following.

2. You can download (almost) all videos

Unlike other social media such as Instagram itself, it is perfectly possible to download videos you have liked or posted on the app.

To do this, just tap the Share button:

Then click the Download Video button;

3. Turn videos into GIFs

One of the cool things about Tik Tok is that you can turn your videos into GIFs. The process is also simple: just tap Share again and this time choose the Share as GIF button.

Tip : Just swipe the bar to the right to find the option.

4. Turn videos into wallpapers

Another interesting option for those who like to download videos is that you can also make them wallpapers for your mobile phone. Once again, tap the Share button.

Before moving on to the next step, it's important to mention that the process is different for Android and iPhone users. If you use Tik Tok on iPhone, just select the Live Photo button and go to the gallery to place the wallpaper on your phone's home screen.

Android users already need to install a plugin created by the app team itself. Click the link to download the app.

After installing, return to Tik Tok and do the process mentioned above. Then tap the Set Background button.

5. How to find out the music of a video

One of the coolest features of Tik Tok is knowing which song is playing in one of your videos. Just like everything in the app, this is quite simple to do. Tap the button shaped like a vinyl record.

You'll see the name of the song and the band playing, plus a video gallery with the same song. If you enjoyed the song and want to use it in a future video, just click the Favorite button;

6. How to make duets

Want to make an alternate version of a video or meet one of the community challenges? Then meet the Duets button. By triggering it, you will split the screen with the original video, and may make some kind of interaction.

For example, you can imitate the style or create a kind of parody. Just like everything in the app, put your creativity and spontaneity to work!

To use the duets, simply return to the Share button. Then find the Duets option. From there, just record and publish the video,

And since we talk about community challenges…

7. What are the Community Challenges?

One of the best ways to generate interactions in Tik Tok. Like Instagram hashtags, this app's hashtags are designed to make it easier for users to find specific content.

Community Challenges use these hashtags so you can know what the challenge of the moment is. By posting using the corresponding term, you increase your chances of being found by other users who are seeing how they are meeting a specific challenge.

To find the challenges that are happening, tap the magnifying glass button.

Then swipe the screen until you find a hashtag accompanied by the word challenge .

Many challenges are sponsored and made by brands, but some of them are community owned.

8. Cannot Use Tik Tok as Music App

Despite its collection, it is not possible to use the app as a way to listen to music online. The songs stored in the app are not complete, but are provided by short snippets used for the voice acting of the videos.

But do not feel disappointed! Check out this article with some websites and apps to discover and listen to new music!

9. You can receive donations by making lives.

Receiving donations by making live streams is well known to fans of online games who broadcast their matches on streaming services like Twitch.

But if you're not a fan of games, Tik Tok is the ideal solution for making live content and making money from it.

Donations are made through Tik Tok Coins, bought with real money and can be exchanged directly from the platform. On the other hand, not all users can still make lives on the platform.

Even so, don't be discouraged. Start creating content now and build a follower base to have future viewers for your lives as soon as they are released to you!

In the meantime, check out these 67 sites where you can make money online daily!

What did you think of Tik Tok?

Blending service features like Spotify and Instagram and Snapchat themselves, Tik Tok is a lightweight way to have fun and avoid the famous bullshit in more established social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Had you used the app before? What did you think of its possibilities, challenge and content? Tell us in the comments section!

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