How to watch Netflix offline on iPhone, iPad, and Android

One of the most anticipated news from Netflix has come true: it is now possible to watch Netflix offline! For now, streaming service movies and series can be downloaded only on iPhone, iPad, and Android-powered smartphones and tablets. The procedure is quite simple and we detail it below. However, it is worth noting that not all titles in the Netflix library can be downloaded, but the app has a special section for the programs available for download.

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How to watch Netflix offline on iPhone, iPad, and Android

1 - First of all, check if your Netflix has been updated and download the update if you have not already done so;

2 - Open the app and login;

3 - Click on the horizontal bars to access the menu;

4 - Find the section Available for download ;

5 - Select the desired title from the list.

6 - Click on the Download icon;

7 - Now just wait for the download to be able to watch the program even without being connected!

How to download Netflix shows with your mobile data network (3G, 4G)

By default, Netflix will only allow you to download your movies and shows when you are connected to a WiFi network. To be able to download via your mobile data network, return to the home screen menu, choose Application Settings, and uncheck the linked box. the Downloads option. Remember that the files are mostly heavy and can quickly end your data franchise.

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What is the first show you will download to watch Netflix offline?

Deciding which program to download first - even more so if your phone or tablet storage is low - is always a difficult task. But having the convenience of being able to download upcoming episodes of your favorite series to a location where you can't be connected, like airplanes, is a big help. Did you like the news? Have any questions about the process? Comment with us and share the tutorial with your friends on social networks!

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