Managegram vs Bume vs. Instaeasy: Which is the best app for Instagram?

There is no shortage of services or applications to complement your Instagram. All of them seek to improve some aspect of their profile, with the goal of gaining followers on their social network or simply improving the aspect of published photos, among others. In the category of programs that specialize in getting more people to your profile, we could check out Managegram, Bume and InstaEasy. But which one is the best Instagram app that can leverage your presence on the platform? Check it out in our comparison below!

Search Methods (2 points)

Typically, all three applications work quite simply, with a very linear and time-consuming process. All three have a path around three pillars: segmentation of the profiles to be followed, automation of the interaction process and report visualization.

In the segmentation area, the best of the three apps is Gestãogram, which allows you to set up segmentation using hashtags, other profiles, or location - ideal for those who have physical stores and want to appear more often to Instagram users who live nearby. . Tying with Managegram, Bume also allows searches with the same filters. In the flashlight, we have InstaEasy that only searches for hashtags and profiles.

Gestãogram vs Bume vs Instaeasy Score:

Which Instagram app do you consider your favorite?

With 7.5 points out of 10, Bume is the winner of this software comparison to boost his Instagram profile. Closely followed is the 7-point Managegram and Instaeasy in the third position. While Scoring and Bume is best for you, we recommend that you take advantage of the free trial periods of the platforms to decide which one is best for you!

Have you used any of these platforms to boost your profile? Even with the scoreboard, we recommend testing the three software to determine which one best suits your needs. What did you think of the tools mentioned? Comment with us below!

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