Meet the 21 best kid games for Mac

Although excellent, it is a known fact that Mac does not have as many games compatible with its operating system as Windows PCs. If you are thinking of switching to Apple or already have the computer and want some recommendations for your little ones, look no further, as we have compiled 21 of the best kid games for Mac.

Check it out below and decide with the little ones what their favorite options are!

1. Frozen Free Fall

A game that combines the style of Candy Crush with princesses Elsa and Anna. Frozen Free Fall is a lot friendlier than the candy game. In addition to the traditional mode, it also allows children to just keep matching gems without breaking a record or passing a phase. In addition, we know very well that you will also end up rocking in the freezing rhythm of the game!

2. Cars 2: The Video Game

Adapted from Pixar's animation, the electrifying Lightning McQueen racing is also part of the kid's Mac game set. Bringing the whole gang of the movie in, you'll be able to hunt out the CHROME villains in breathtaking racing using their racing techniques. piloting and crazy items like lasers rays. Cars 2: The Video Game is available for Mac for $ 9.99.

3. Amelia and the Terror of the Night - Story Book for Kids

In an adventure against ghosts and creatures from horror movies, Amelia and the Terror of the Night's proposal - Story Book for Kids is to tell an interactive story. In a style that makes reference to children's storybooks, the game is to find hidden objects to pass the level. Although harmless, the theme of the game is still obscure so it's worth keeping an eye on if your child has a problem with this type of theme. The game is available on the AppStore for $ 2.99.

4. Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse

This is another title that we are sure will appeal to adults and children. Originally released for the Mega Drive video game in 1995, the game was updated and gained enhanced graphics. In addition, the title has aged well and has the potential to bring the magic of Disney and the classic games of the 1990s into the lives of children today. Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse costs $ 14.99.

5. Micro Monster Truck

How about bringing the toy trucks to the computer screen? Micro Monster Truck is one of the kid games for Mac that features classic remote controlled trucks running through obstacle circuits. The sets are very colorful and give the impression of running through a toy box. The title is available on the AppStore for $ 1.99.

6. Township

With the already considered classic format of Farmville, Township brings a very similar scenario, but mixing city with farm. While he will have to take care of his crops, he will also need to plan his city's buildings and grow them. Available for free on the Mac AppStore.

7. Anime Dress Up Free

If Japanese designs are a child's favorite, it's worth letting your imagination run wild with this game. In Anime Dress Up Free, she can create and dress her own anime-style characters and can save each one of them.

8. LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

A very likely bet to fall for kids are LEGO brand Mac games. In this case, Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes brings the much less shadowy version of Batman to fight Gotham's crime with Robin, his faithful helper. In addition to Batman, other superheroes like Superman and Wonder Woman are also present on the adventure. The only setback is the price tag: it costs $ 20 in the Mac App Store.

9. Disneys Princess Enchanted Journey

Perfect for those kids who don't cling to Disney princesses. In this adventure game, iconic characters like Jasmine and Snow White appear and will interact with the character created and personalized by the child playing, as if she were part of the animated universe herself. Disneys Princess Enchanted Journey is available for $ 9.99.

10. Restaurant Island: The Fun Family Game!

If your little one is not a gourmet chef worthy of Master Chef Kids, he can still have fun with you in Restaurant Island: The Fun Family Game's virtual kitchen! In addition to working on recipes, you can also take care of decorating details and build salons, allowing you to set up your own restaurant island.

11. Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing

Another title that will likely please both big and small, the racing game brings the classic characters from the Japanese game maker to racing at high speed. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Alex Kidd are guaranteed to have fun for a long time, even though it was released in 2010. Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing costs $ 9.99.

12. Dress Me!

Another of the kid games for Mac capable of arousing the inner stylist of the kids, different from the already mentioned Anime Dress Up Free, here the footprint is even more cartoon. Aimed at the little ones who may not yet have had contact with Japanese animations, in this title they should help another group of children get dressed for a party. Dress Me! is available for free on the AppStore.

13. Aqua Park Tycoon

While farm and city management games are common, Aqua Park Tycoon brings a slightly out-of-the-curve proposition: Get your players to run a water park! Here you can organize shows on the water, decorate and create swimming pools and various perfect toys for those who wish they had not left the summer. Admission to this park costs $ 6.99 at the Mac app store.

14. Angry Birds

The classic Angry Birds game is also one of the kid gaming options for Mac! Although later editions were never released for Mac computers, the fevered title remains firm and strong on the App Store. If your child doesn't already know Angry Birds, the Mac can be a great gateway. However, this version is paid, costing $ 4.99.

15. 7 errors

The classic 7-mistake game evolves from magazines to computers in this game. With images inspired by cartoon classics such as The Three Little Pigs, the game brings beyond the traditional mode, inverted stages and also a memory game using the same drawings. 7 errors is available for $ 0.99.

16. MineSweeper

Despite its English name, this one is basically the well-known game of Minesweeper, a trademark that came with the old Windows computers. The game does not feature any spectacular news, being the same as the classic version. As for many children the game is unknown, it may be your opportunity to show that spectacular graphics do not always mean fun games. The game can be purchased for $ 1.99.

17. The Story of the Mole

A Brazilian game, A Mole's Story is a fun interactive children's tale about a mole and her family, who live in underground subway stations. The plot is told through many minigames that train the development of logical thinking, deduction and memory improvement, among others. If the child has finished the story, it is still possible to play the minigames in a separate mode. The title costs $ 1.99.

18. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

If Captain America, Iron Man, and The Incredible Hulk make the child's eyes shine brighter than with Superman and Batman, then LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is the most recommended option. In addition to the Avengers and classic characters like Spider-Man, the game features about 100 selectable characters. However, the investment is high compared to other games on the list: $ 29.99.

19. One Tap Hero Free

An award winning 2012 game, One Tap Hero Free features a charismatic protagonist in a platform game that values ‚Äč‚Äčsimplicity. Like translating his name - One Touch Hero - all commands are done just by tapping the screen, be it jumping, attacking or more common things like climbing a ladder. Free and paid account on the App Store.

20. The Three Little Pigs

A version of the classic short story in interactive game format, The Three Little Pigs is one of the kid games for Mac aimed at ages 3 to 5. The game was created in partnership with a child psychologist and its challenges were created to stimulate learning. Among the activities mentioned are puzzles, memory games and games that explore the child's spatial sense. The title costs $ 1.99.

21. Baker Cupcake

Another game to inspire the chef that exists in each child, the Cupcake Baker proposal is self-explanatory: make the best and most beautiful cupcakes you can. With a choice of colors, fillings, toppings and flavors, you can customize your favorite and sell them in-store, so you can earn money to unlock new options for customizing and decorating your store. The game is available for $ 2.99 on the AppStore.

And then? Have you tried any of our kid games options for Mac? Which style do the kids you know enjoy the most? Puzzles, assembling parks or venturing like the superheroes of Marvel and DC? Discuss with us which options of kid games for Mac that pleased your little ones!

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