Perfect Photo App: Top 10 Options

If we were Marcelo D2 we would be looking for the perfect beat, but as we are deadly wanting to take good pictures with the phone, we are happy to find the perfect photo app. After all, who was never outraged by a badly taken photo?

Native Android and iPhone cameras are enough to take “ok” pictures, so to speak. That is, it meets the needs of those who want to take cool photos, but without compromise with perfection. Imagine taking great pictures and using them to create video presentations with these editors? Or take your best shot and use it on FaceApp to get older?

If you often repeat clicks until you find the perfect frame and maximum quality, then it's likely that only the native camera app won't satisfy you. To meet your exacting standard, we've chosen the top 10 options for finding a perfect photo app, whether you're an iPhone user or a loyal consumer of Xiaomi phones.

Check it out below!

1. Camera +

Exclusive to iPhone, Camera + offers an extension to the features of the native iPhone camera app. It lets you control exposure and focus separately, making it easier to take lighter or darker pictures.

Camera + also features a stabilizer, making it easier to take firmer photos. That is, you can give the phone to your friend with not very firm hands, that the stabilizer will make your picture perfect.

See more Camera + features on your App Store page.

2. Fast Camera

If you're in the habit of clicking multiple times to find the right photo, then Fast Camera is your perfect photo-taking app. It also offers several customization options for your photographs.

These include the ability to adjust the speed at which photos are taken, timelapse video creation with the sequence of images or slideshow. You can even use it to create stop motion videos.

Click the link to download Fast Camera on your iPhone.


An app for taking perfect pictures, VSCO is one of the most used by photography fans. In its free version, it brings 10 presets to your images.

In addition, it comes with basic editing tools that can be used as soon as the picture is taken. One of the coolest features to inspire you with is the Discovery feature, which lets you browse photos of other users.

VSCO can be used by both iPhone users and Android users.

4. Halide Camera

One of the top 20 camera apps on the App Store, Halide Camera brings advanced tweaks to photography enthusiasts. You can make adjustments to focus, shutter and even ISO of images.

It is also possible to save images in RAW format, making it an interesting option for photography workers. Recently, the app started working with Siri voice commands.

Download Halide Camera on your iPhone via the link.

5. B612

Want an app to take perfect pictures of you? The B612 is the ideal choice for those who publish the best selfies. It features over 1500 stickers to use on your photos, and lets you apply edits even before the photo is taken.

That is, when your photo is taken, it will already load the settings you made before the post. The app also lets you remove imperfections from your images, making it perfect for scheduling an Instagram post.

The B612 is available for iPhone and Android.

6. Cymera

Another perfect photo-taking app that is among the most popular for Android and iOS. Cymera is ideal for removing any imperfections automatically, similar to the B612. It also brings a good range of filters and effects to apply to images.

See more about Cymera on its Google Play or App Store page.

7. Foodie

If you have a culinary or touristic themed Instagram, you will definitely want to use Foodie in combination with these tools to schedule Instagram posts. Foodie features automatic settings and filters ideal for taking pictures of your dishes.

Whether they are taken in your kitchen or in the trendy restaurant in your city. That is, Foodie is the app for taking perfect food photos.

The app has guides for taking pictures of your dishes, as well as several filters to make them better. It also has interesting selfie settings if you want to appear next to your plates.

Download Foodie on your Android or iPhone!

8. Open Camera

One of the few examples of the perfect photo-taking app, Open Camera is unique to Android. The app has some ideal functions for you to get better results.

Among them, a stabilizer that corrects moving pictures. It features various focus settings, applying color effects and setting details such as ISO, exposure and even taking pictures while recording videos.

Click the link to download Open Camera on your Android.

9. Camera MX

Another Android-only option, Camera MX offers semi-professional adjustment options. You can take photos in any type of resolution supported by your smartphone.

It features autofocus to ensure sharpness in your photos and to regulate their quality even in JPEG format. It also features tools to automatically optimize images and use of HDR to improve quality.

Visit the link to download Camera MX for Android.

10. ProCamera

Closing our list with the best app options for perfect photo taking, ProCamera is a professional, paid app for the iPhone. In addition to tools for editing photos as you take them, it also lets you save images in RAW and TIFF format.

It features separate focus and exposure adjustments, dual lens support, self-timer when shooting, and remote control for Apple Watch users.

See the full ProCamera features on its App Store page!

What's your favorite perfect photo shoot app?

Now that you have ten options spread out between the two major mobile systems, it's time to start testing and tell us which one is your favorite.

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