Test shows 32GB iPhone 7 is slower than other models

Few people wonder if there is any difference between the various models of iPhone 7 beyond the size available on internal storage, after all, Apple has never said anything about it. We currently have 32 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB models being sold by the company and they all look exactly alike apart from the storage and price charged for it. At least that's the way it should be, but many users have realized that the 32 GB iPhone 7 can be significantly slower than others, as you can see below!

iPhone 7 slower?

The various models of the iPhone 7 are basically the same in technical terms, with their colors and storage space being the main differences. The problem is that the storage difference can also mean a divergence in file transfer speed between devices.

This is to be expected, with smaller storage devices having slightly lower transfer speeds than higher-capacity devices. The problem is that the 32 GB iPhone 7 seems to be much slower than it should compared to the 128 GB and 256 GB versions.

Some users had already noticed a bit of slowness, but some more detailed testing was done by the YouTube channel called Unbox Therapy and proved the problem, as you can see in the video below:

First a performance test was performed with an application designed especially for this. The 256 GB iPhone 7 had the following results: 851 MB / s speed for reading files and 341 MB / s for transferring files to the device.

Meanwhile, the 32 GB iPhone featured 686 MB / s for reading files and only 42 MB / s for file transfer. This means that the 256 GB model can be up to 8 times faster in transfer than the 32 GB model, which is a much higher than expected number.

In the second test, things got a little more practical to see if this difference materialized in a common real-life situation. A copy of the 4.2 GB Star Wars movie was transferred to both iPhone models via iTunes.

On the 256 GB iPhone, the transfer took about two minutes and thirty seconds, which is a normal time for a file of this size. The problem is that the 32 GB model took about three minutes and forty seconds to complete the same task.

The odd thing is that this does not happen with 128 GB, which has a speed almost equal to the 256 GB version. For now, Apple has made no statement on the matter and is likely to continue this way unless more consumers complain about the differences.

What did you think about the tests?

Can you notice the speed differences between the 32GB iPhone 7 with other models? Be sure to leave your comment telling us what you think about this problem with the new Apple smartphone.

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