Top 15 Zombie Games for Android

Nowadays, everything related to zombies seems to be extremely popular, be it comics, movies, books, series or games. For the latter option, you can now find titles of all styles and any type of platform, including Android. If you're looking to get to know some of the best mobile zombie games, just read the detailed list we've made on the subject. Check it out below!

1. The Walking Dead

As you may already know, The Walking Dead is one of the most popular TV series and comics today, which has also led to the creation of several games. The Telltale Games game is one of the best examples as it can make a whole new story with other characters that captivates both the original.

The game has had two seasons, as well as a series, and has won thousands of fans worldwide. Available on various platforms, there is also a special version for Android, and the first episode can be played for free. Click here to download it.

2. Zombie Highway 2

The game Zombie Highway is much simpler and casual, as you have to drive a car and survive the hordes of zombies that come your way. The game has a variety of weapons, zombie types, goals and daily challenges to keep you playing.

The cool thing is that you can compare the results of the challenges with friends through Facebook if you want some competition. Click here to download the game.

3. Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 is a shooting game not so well known by Android users, but it is still of excellent quality and you should definitely try it. The visuals are very beautiful and well made for a mobile game, because they have a more realistic effect.

Interestingly, there are elements of role-playing as you can level up and make various improvements to your skill and equipment. Click here to download the game.

4. Into the Dead

Into the Dead is another game that is certainly worth checking out, even if it has some half-cliché elements. You basically have to escape from an endless horde of zombies, almost in the same style as Temple Run, but with darker and scary looks.

The cool thing is that you still have a wide variety of weapons to defend yourself and kill the zombies that appear. Click here to download it.

5. Plants vs Zombies 2

When it comes to mobile zombie games, the Plants vs Zombies franchise is easily one of the most prominent, especially as it escapes the common sense of other games in this genre. In the second game in the series, you have to set up plant and flower defenses to keep the zombies from reaching your home.

As the concept already makes clear, the game is very fun and irreverent and can be enjoyed in short matches anywhere. Click here to download it.

6. Stupid Zombies 3

The Stupid Zombies franchise is also very popular with Android users, with the third title expanding even further. It's almost like a mix of Angry Birds and the classic Worms, and you have a lot of weapons and you have to work out a strategy to get all the zombies right.

The game has over 120 levels, four types of weapons to use and more content updates are quite frequent. Click here to download it.

7. The Walking Dead: No Man's Land

No wonder The Walking Dead inspired the creation of more than one game, No Man's Land being one of them. The difference is that this is a game that has much more tactics and strategy, and has certain elements of RPG and adventure.

You will control several characters on one type of board, and you must attack the zombies that appear to survive. Click here to download it.

8. Unkilled

Unkilled is a first-person shooter made by the same game developers as Dead Trigger and Dead Trigger 2. In fact, it looks a lot like these two and looks very interesting and well crafted.

Plus, you have over 300 different missions, a wide range of weapons and thousands of zombies to face. The game is very fun and catchy, being an easy way to pass the time. Click here to download it.

9. Walking Dead: Road to Survival

Another game about The Walking Dead, Road to Survival is based on the original comic book and not the series inspired by it. Interestingly, the game shows facts that occur parallel to the main characters.

You need to interact with various characters and advance through the main story while facing various zombies and other enemies. You can download the game for free through this link.

10. Zombie Smasher

We also have Zombie Smasher, which is a much simpler and casual game, but extremely fun and addictive. It works like a tower defense game, just like Plants vs Zombies, but you must squash the zombies with your fingers as they appear.

It is also necessary that you avoid hurting the innocents and normal humans who appear frequently. You can click here to download the game for free.

11. Dead Target

This is another very popular game among Android users. Dead Target tells the story of a company that captured and used prisoners from another country to do some experiments, which quickly turned them into zombies.

Your goal is to kill all those who have been infected and still try to find and save survivors around the attacked city. Click here to download the game.

12. Zombie Frontier 3

Zombie Frontier 3 is a little different, as you have a little less freedom in what to do. Basically, you should try to save any survivors you encounter by killing the zombies that appear in the area.

The problem is that your location is fixed in one place and you can't move around. This helps to focus on the zombies that appear on the spot, but you may need to get used to it in the beginning. Click here to download the game.

13. Zombie Roadkill

Unlike so many titles on our list, Zombie Roadkill is a much simpler game, both in gameplay and visuals. Either way, it is still extremely fun to play and well worth checking out.

There are two modes available: one with the main story and an endless mode for you to enjoy as you prefer. You just need to control a gun to kill zombies while driving a car at high speed. Click here to download the game.

14. Zombie Killer

Similar to House of the Dead (an arcade classic), Zombie Killer is a first person shooter game. Obviously, you need to kill all the zombies that appear in various stages available in the game.

The zombies aren't too scary, but it's the challenge and difficulty that makes the game captivating and even addictive. Click here to download it.

15. Zombie Assault: Sniper

Despite its name, this game is not just about killing zombies with a sniper, because you start with a very simple weapon. This changes throughout the game as you progress and unlock several different weapons and other cool features.

Gameplay is simple as the game consists of a very simple shooter, just like the game mentioned earlier. You can download the game through this link.

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