Top 20 Adventure Games for Android

Until you have never been very captivated by normal video games ends up playing something on your Android smartphone or tablet. Whether for simply spending time or having fun with something simpler and without major compromises.

The truth is that Android has been offering some really awesome games lately, and there are many that came straight from PCs or consoles to a mobile version. So today we have created a very special list of the top 20 adventure games for Android today. If you are a fan of this genre or want to try something new, just check out our suggestions!

1. Grim Fandango Remastered

There's no better game to start our list than Grim Fandango Remastered, a true 1990s PC classic. As you can tell by the name, this is a fully remastered version of the original game, which remains as unique as ever.

Its gameplay is pretty basic, but the visuals, its sense of humor and history make it one of the best adventure games you could find on Android. Although not selling so well when it was released in 1998, the game has always been remembered for its quality and finally achieved success in its relaunch. To download it, just click this link.

2. The Last Express

Originally released shortly before Grim Fandango, The Last Express was also highly praised but failed to sell many units for lack of marketing. Fortunately, the game finally succeeded and gained new fans when it won a mobile version in 2013.

With the story taking place just days before World War I, you have to control an American doctor who is wanted for the murder of an Irish police officer. The whole story takes place inside a train, where you meet several striking characters. The cool thing is that everything you do has different consequences that lead to several possible endings. The Last Express can be downloaded via this link.

3. 80 Days

80 Days until it is well known, even to those who do not play much in general, as it was considered the best game of the year 2014 by the American magazine TIME. The game is basically based on the famous book Around the World in 80 Days, written by Jules Verne.

The cool thing is that it uses story points and mixes with some more modern elements in a very interactive and fun way. Just like The Last Express, all your actions have consequences and influence what will happen to you in the end. The game can be downloaded directly from this link.

4. The Wolf Among Us

Going back to the original PC games, we have The Wolf Among Us, which is much newer than the others we mentioned and much more successful. The story revolves around mythical creatures that have escaped fables into our world, and it is your duty to protect and hide them from other people.

There are five different episodes you can play, the first one being completely free. The only problem is that the game requires a lot of power from Android devices and can crash a lot on older devices. Therefore, we recommend that you test the first episode before purchasing the full game. download it here!

5. Detective Grimoire

Considering the games we already recommend on our list, we can say that Detective Grimoire is the most casual and simple so far. It is very short, does not bring so many challenges to its users and is not very complicated to play in general.

Still, it is very fun, beautiful and can be catchy especially so you don't have the habit of playing much. You basically play as a detective who has to solve a mysterious murder by finding clues and making connections between objects and people. The game can be downloaded at this link.

6. Broken Age

Broken Age is one of today's biggest hits in the adventure game genre, having been created by the same man who made Grim Fandango. As you might imagine, the game is truly amazing and offers almost flawless quality.

You have to control two very different characters and you can switch between them at any time. Apparently they have nothing in common, but their stories come together even without them ever getting to know each other. Click here to download the game.

7. Gemini Rue

While Broken Age has a modern and very beautiful look, the game Gemini Rue bets on a very well done retro design. Despite having a very simple gameplay, the game is full of very impressive action scenes.

The story of a former killer who becomes a cop looking for his missing brother is also very captivating, with some good surprises near the end. Gemini Rue can be downloaded to your Android via this link.

8. The Silent Age

Among a list of so many paid games, finely have one that can be downloaded for free on your Android: The Silent Age. The game takes place in the 1970s, with a very well characterized and fun environments, scenarios and characters.

The story has some elements of time travel, but let's not tell much of the adventure so as not to spoil the rest. Silent Age can be downloaded for free via this link.

9. Broken Sword 5

By name, we already realize that Broken Sword 5 is a sequel to a series of games, but fortunately you don't have to play your predecessors to enjoy it. The adventure has very simple point-and-play controls, and the story and gameplay are the real highlights.

roken Sword 5 marks a return to the best part of the first two Broken Sword games - the hand-drawn graphics .. Almost. It does feature pretty backgrounds, but the characters are obviously 3D models, and it shows. Your goal is basically to solve some mysteries until you get involved in a much more complicated plot. The game can be downloaded at this link.

10. Yesterday

Yesterday is another adventure game that features a more mysterious plot where you have to solve brutal crimes. The cool thing is that you can control three different characters to find clues to the murders of homeless people in New York.

The game turns out to be very captivating for its plot and characters, being one of the most fun of its kind for Android. You can download it completely for free through this link, so there is no excuse to stop playing it.

11. Leo's Fortune

In Leo's Fortune, you control a creature that used to be very rich, but eventually got its money completely stolen. It's your mission to go on a variety of challenging and fun adventures to reclaim Leo's treasures.

The game is very popular, praised and still has colorful and very beautiful visuals. Its puzzles and style make it even more unique among the many mobile games for Android. To download Leo's Fortune, just click this link.

12. Machinarium

Machinarium is another very fun game with a unique and very charming look that has become very popular among Android users. The gameplay itself is quite simple, but the puzzles and challenges can be a bit tricky, which makes the game more interesting.

Recently, the game received a very good update that included some new phases, the ability to save your data in the cloud and an improvement in graphics. The only downside is that the game can be considered a bit short, but it's still worth playing. To download Machinarium, just click this link.

13. Minecraft

If we are going to talk about adventure games, we have to mention Minecraft, one of the most successful games of recent years. Apart from the great original PC game, we now also have the mobile version that can be enjoyed almost anywhere with your Android.

You can play in survival mode or just go around building amazing things according to your creativity. Fortunately, the Android version is as good and fun as the PC version and can be downloaded via this link.

14. Rayman Fiesta Run

Rayman is an old acquaintance of video games, but recently he has also fallen in love with those who prefer the casualness of mobile games. In the case of Rayman Fiesta Run, you basically have to make moves at the right times to collect different items and creatures.

It sounds kind of simple, but the truth is that the game can be really fun and addictive right away. The look is colorful and very neat, having exactly the same style and quality that we see on consoles. You can download it through this link.

15. Another World

Another World is another classic from the 1990s that recently won a mobile version on Android devices. You play as a researcher who ends up teleporting to another world, as the very name of the game suggests.

The adventure is very unique and combines various types of puzzles and challenges that continue to stimulate the player even after hours of play. The graphics aren't as impressive as they were at the time of its release, but it's nothing to disrupt the gameplay, which is still fun. You can download Another World through this link.

In addition to these great key recommendations, there are other Android adventure games that deserve to be mentioned here as well. Check out:

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