Top 20 Cartoon Games for Android

What is not lacking in the Android store are cartoon games. From adaptations of classics like Flinstones and Simpsons to games inspired by popular Japanese cartoons - known as anime - there is no shortage of options to enter the world of your favorite show. So get on with us and check out 20 of the best cartoon games for Android!

1. Card War: The Kingdom - Adventure Time

One of Cartoon Network's most popular shows, the adventures of Finn and Jake are represented in various ways in video games, regardless of platform. On Android, who comes on the list of best cartoon games is Card War: The Kingdom . The game mimics traditional card games like Magic, but with simpler rules and all the charisma of the design.

2. The Mini Titans- Teen Titans Go!

The Young Titans became Mini Titans in this new series, Teen Titans Go! also won a game for Android. You will be able to collect about 70 to 80 figures from the drawing and assemble battle teams, in the best "Miniature Superhero Pokémon" style.

3. Attack on the Prism - Steven Universe

With a story parallel to the drawing, Attack to the Prism brings the protagonists of Steven Universe into an action-packed RPG. Using the powers of Garnet, Steven, Amethyst and Pearl, you will become part of a plot by the creator of the cartoon, Rebecca Sugar.

4. The Burning Army - Just a Show

In a sort of alternate future from the Just One Show series, burning is the most radical sport in the world. As portrayed in the drawing, it will be possible to assume the role of Rigby, Mordecai and their friends to form a team of the "dangerous" sport and live one of the coolest moments of the cartoon with The Burning Army.

5. Formula Cartoon All Stars

Closing the Cartoon Network stars on our list of the top 20 best cartoon games for Android, Formula Cartoon All Stars features a selection of the best characters in the channel in a classic Mario Kart racing game. Finn, Jake, Mordecai and Gumball are among the characters available.

6. One Piece Treasure Cruise

Based on one of the most successful Japanese cartoons, One Piece Treasure Cruise is a game that lets you collect the charismatic - and often weird - characters to take part in anime history. With a system that values ​​strategy and timing to improve your damage or mitigate attacks received by your team.

7. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

Like its predecessor, Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle features iconic characters such as Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo and Cell in a game that bets on collecting and nostalgia to trap fans. Your battle system is unique: You must align energy circles according to your character's expertise to unlock devastating blows. One of our biggest recommendations from our list of the best cartoon games for Android.

8. Digimon Heroes!

Digital monsters that rival Pokémon also make their presence on smartphones and tablets. Digimon Heroes is a collectible card game, used in battles against threats from DigiMundo and other players.

9. Bleach Brave Souls

Unlike the other Android cartoon games on this list, Bleach Brave Souls doesn't hesitate to put the player in the middle of the action. As with Mini Titans, you can send a team of three cartoon characters to accomplish missions and destroy hordes of enemies.

10. Sailor Moon Drops

After a flurry of action games, it's time for our list of Android cartoon games to gain a touch of cuteness with Sailor Moon Drops . In the best Candy Crush style, the puzzle bets on the cuteness and sparkle of the Sailor Moon anime to keep you on screen, leveling and unlocking the heroine's iconic poses.

11. Pokémon GO

The only one on the list not yet released in Brazil, Pokémon GO deserves a place in this list of best cartoon games for Android just for the expectation around its release. Betting heavily on nostalgia and augmented reality technology, over the past few weeks the game has been part of the news around the world, either with stories of its success or the most bizarre events.

12. Pokémon Shuffle Mobile

For those who can't stand to wait for Pokémon GO, you can wait with Pokémon Shuffle Mobile . Following the same model as Sailor Moon Drops, this game uses Candy Crush mechanics to move players around. However, an additional mechanic has been added: At the end of a stage, you can try to capture the defeated monster.

13. The Simpsons: Tapped Out

The older TV design also features a successful Android classic. TV's most popular family is featured in a SimCity-inspired game, but the series' iconic characters and buildings mark The Simpsons: Tapped Out .

14. A Heavy Family

On the dirty side, A Family of Heavy also features a game similar to The Simpsons, changing only the references. With that, it is the player's preference which family to adopt as his own, but she is not the only one…

15. The Flinstones: Bedrock

For The Flinstones: Bedrock brings the iconic design of the prehistoric family to your smartphone screen. The title brings yet another game of the city management genre shown in the previous items, but with a less “adult” mood of Simpsons and Family Family.

16. Futurama: Game of Drones

Making a pun on the game Game of Thrones, even in the name the game Futurama mimics the original, which brings jokes and references to the main elements of the culture. Futurama: Game of Drones brings a mix of adventure with puzzle, bringing its own storyline parallel to the series.

17. Peanuts: Snoopy's Town Tale

Anyone who thought management games had ended up on our list of the best cartoon games for Android was mistaken. Based on Charlie Brown and Snoopy's return to theaters in a 3D animation, Peanuts: Snoopy's Town Tale brings the duo and cute cartoon characters to the screen of smartphones and tablets.

18. Disney Magic Kingdoms

Also recently released for iOS, Disney Magic Kingdoms lets you set up your own dream park. Featuring classic Disney characters, the game brings the scenarios and magical characters of the world's largest producer to this construction. A good way to have a Disney World in the palm of your hands!

19. Minions Paradise

The minions also have a strong presence and close our list of the best cartoon games for Android. The first, Minions Paradise, brings hilarious yellow beings on a full cruise vacation. But of course they couldn't help but screw up and end up stranded on a paradise island and will have to turn around to save themselves!

20. Despicable Me: Minion Rush

Adopting a style already established in smartphones, Despicable Me: Minion Rush puts the hopscotch to run through various scenarios of the movie. In addition, with the coins earned in the game you can buy various costumes for your minions to run stylish!

What's your favorite game from our list of best drawing games for Android? Comment below!

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