Top 20 Invitation Making Apps

Whether for digital sending or physical printing, it is really important to present a good invitation when announcing events and calling people. In addition to the main purpose, the invitation also helps to provide information about the occasion such as date, place, time and can also serve as a nifty reminder of the day. The best thing is that there are applications to make invitations much easier than before.

If you need to create templates for wedding, birthdays or even business events but you are not a professional designer, do not worry. To help you out, we've created a list of the best invitation apps, check out all the options, and pick the best one for your needs!

1. Canva

To start our list we have Canva, one of the best design tools. It is available in the cloud, allowing users to access from any device for free, while also offering a Pro plan for avid users of the tool.

Perfect for creating flyers, logos, posters and of course invitations, Canva offers a variety of ready-made templates that can be easily and quickly edited or if you want to create something completely new you can do it too. Visit the link and be sure to check out our tips on how to use it!

2. Avoid

Avoid is another great choice among applications for making invitations. It is specially designed to allow you to create event cards or invitations quickly. On the page, explore among the categories with ready-made models and choose according to your needs, such as birthday parties, children, sports, seasons, wedding, business, among others.

If you don't want to select a template, you can also create your own invitation without using a base. Visit the site to use it online or to download apps on iOS and Android.

3. Smilebox

Designed to help you create invitations and keep track of them, Smilebox is really cool. In addition to providing thousands of templates of all types and allowing you to create your design in no more than four steps, the app also lets you make changes to remind people about the event.

The main focus of the tool is digital sending, but if you want to print the final result, this is also possible. Visit the link and check how easy it is to create your invitations online.

4. Greetings Island

Invitation Marker developed by Greetings Island is also an excellent choice among invitation making applications. It already has several models and subcategories, such as: 1 year birthday, children's birthday, adult birthday, wedding invitation, graduation invitation, among others.

As with other tools, simply select ready-made templates and edit the elements included in the image, such as placement, text, numbers, colors, etc. Visit the official website and try it now!

5. Festalab

If you want to use a Brazilian option, Festalba is a great choice. In addition to allowing you to create invitations, print or send directly via WhatsApp, Facebook or Email, it also offers a dashboard so you can track how many people have confirmed.

Over 800, 000 invitations have been created on the page and user ratings are extremely positive. Its interface is really intuitive and you will be able to create an invitation within minutes. Go to the site through the link and meet!

6. Invitd

Invitd lets you create invitations and send them via text messages, and also lets you track how many people have confirmed. Its interface is really simple and if you want the physical version of the invitation you can also generate the file for printing.

You can also add your own photos and images to the invitation and customize them this way. Invitd is available for free download on Android and iOS.

7. Paperlesspost

As its name suggests in English, the idea of ​​Paperlesspost is to create digital invitations without the need for printing. With it, you can make party, professional, wedding, birthday, and more invitation templates. It also offers a dashboard to track how many confirmed their presence.

In addition to being able to edit ready-made templates, if you already have a ready-made design, just upload to edit it or upload it through the platform. Access the link and meet!

8. Venngage

Venngage is a company specializing in the creation of infographics and design templates and of course also offer their applications for making invitations. Through the platform, you can edit from the primary colors and invitation template to the finishing touches.

The app is really robust yet incredibly practical and intuitive. You can export the final result as image, vector or PDF. Login to use directly on the web.

9. Adobe Spark

Spark is one of the best apps for making banners and of course it can also be used to create invitations. It can be used on the web and also offers apps for Android and iOS devices. Unlike some more complex Adobe options, such as Photoshop or Illustrator, Spark is really intuitive and practical.

Start using the tool from the free plan, and if you like the results, you can purchase one of the plans offered by the company. Visit the official Adobe Spark page via the link.

10. Printed

Printi is a Brazilian platform that facilitates the creation of invitations, flyers, banners and other graphic design templates. Unlike other services, here you can select how you would like your invitation to be made and pay for Printi's professional designers to deliver the result.

They promise to return with the model ready within 24 hours and have very interesting differentials. Visit the link and learn more about your application and services.

11. Hobnob

Another great choice among invitation-making apps, Hobnob is very complete and also allows you to follow up on confirmations. Through the app, in addition to being able to create your invitations and send them, you can also chat with the guests via chat, send location directions using maps, and more.

It is available for both iOS and Android and has excellent user ratings from both app stores. Visit the site to check out its features and download it for your device.

12. Conviter

Conviter is a really simple and practical alternative to creating invitations. To use it, simply go to the website and select from the ready-made templates available in the gallery. The page has thousands of options and you can also search for keywords that match what you are looking for.

After selecting your template, just edit each element, such as changing text, inserting photos, and then exporting the final result in vector, image or PDF. It's really simple, check it out via the link!

13. Pingg

If you're looking for a really simpler option that still delivers on what it promises, Pingg is a great alternative for invitation-making applications. It offers several templates from over 15 different categories and, like other options, lets you edit your elements.

An advantage of Pingg is the filters so you can search the invitation templates. Find by color, presentation (formal, informal, funny, etc.) and also search between free or premium templates. Visit the link to start using it right now!

14. Desygner

Desygnerd is graphic design software specially designed to simplify the creation of banners, flyers, invitations and other formats. Most elements can be positioned by drag and drop . In addition, it is also possible to work with different layers.

You will still be able to share the final result on social networks, by email or generate a printable file. Go through the link and check it out.

15. Sincerely

Available for Android and iOS devices, Sincerely simplifies the creation of business cards, invitations, and other design templates. It can be downloaded for free and is really practical. You can also choose from a large selection of ready-to-edit templates. Visit the site and download the correct version for your mobile device.

16. Punchbowl

Punchbowl has a wide selection of free and premium templates so you can make your invitations. A nice differentiator is that, especially for children, it already offers several images and models related to children's programs, Disney characters and cartoons.

You can also send the final result via email or messages and receive notifications whenever someone confirms your presence. Visit the site to use it directly in the browser or download the app for iOS and Android.

17. Jukebox Print

More focused on wedding invitations, Jukebox Print is a great option for editing ready-made templates right from the browser platform. Its interface is really intuitive and doesn't require advanced graphic design skills so you can start creating your custom invitations.

After finishing, you can download the final result as an image file or PDF. Visit the link and start making your invitations right now!

18. Lucidpress

Lucidpress is a design tool designed to help you create different formats. Its main focus is the development and personalization of news or headlines, but it can also be used to make invitations.

With a free account you will be able to create up to three document pages and you will have at least 25 MB of cloud storage available. Visit the link and know their differentials.

19. Invys

Another great choice among invitation-making applications, Invys lets you create templates for birthday, wedding, or different events right from your browser. Unfortunately, the service is paid for, but it offers free templates so you can try and prove its quality. Access the link and check it out!

20. Adobe Illustrator

To finish our list, we could not fail to include Adobe Illustrator - especially suitable for people with design experience and knowledge. Illustrator is absolutely complete software. Here you can create any kind of art you need, including invitations, of course. It can be considered the number one app for doing this kind of work.

However, Illustrator is paid and not very simple to use. Still, if you're interested in something more professional or just want to practice and try to learn it, just go to the link to go to the Adobe page and download the free trial.

Did you like these apps to make invitations?

Did you already know or use any of these apps when creating invitations for your parties and events? Tell us in the comments which one caught your attention and if we can help you find the perfect solution according to your needs!

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