WhatsApp with Facebook: How to prevent your data from being used for advertising

The most popular mobile instant messenger is renewing its terms of service to ask users to submit their WhatsApp with Facebook information for use in advertising. As a result, Facebook will now have access to your phone number, allowing you to track keywords in your WhatsApp conversations for demonstrating advertisements on your Facebook timeline.

Remember that your WhatsApp will continue to show no ads, but will assist the Facebook algorithm for demonstrating publications and sponsored offers on the social network. The team behind the app reiterated that their privacy will continue to be maintained and messages exchanged by them will still be inaccessible to them, something that has sometimes caused service blocking in Brazil.

WhatsApp with Facebook: How to block?

However, you can prevent WhatsApp from using your information to improve the algorithm Facebook uses to show your ads. There are two ways to do this. At first, do not accept the terms of service at first by tapping Read below the Accept button as shown below:

Then slide down until you find the check box. Uncheck this box so that your phone number information is not integrated into WhatsApp with Facebook.

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If you have already accepted the terms, you have 30 days to change your mind and disable this communication. Go to settings (or adjustments ) From the app, go to the Account menu and uncheck Share my account data, disabling integration.

Do you prefer information integration to bring better ads?

What do you think about the issue of integrating WhatsApp with Facebook for business purposes? Do you prefer it to occur, since companies are from the same family of companies or do you think it is best to cut access? Comment with us!

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