10 Steps to Watch Netflix Offline on PC

One of the oldest requests from streaming TV and movie service users has finally been answered: Netflix can now be viewed offline on the PC. The feature, for now, is available only to those who have Windows 10 installed, and it is not possible to download series and movies offline from the browser. The downloads are made from the Windows 10 app, similar to what happens with the Android, iPad and iPhone versions. To watch Netflix offline on your PC and enjoy a bigger screen, follow the 10 steps below!

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10 Steps to Watch Netflix Offline on PC

1 - Open the Netflix app. If you have not downloaded it, the application can be found at the Windows 10 store ;

2 - Login to your account, if not automatic;

3 - A popup will appear informing you of the possibility to download series and movies to watch Netflix offline on PC, as screenshot below:

3.1 - Not all the contents of the collection can be downloaded to the computer. To find out if a series episode or movie is available for download, keep an eye on the icon shown in the image above;

4 - Find the show you want to download on your computer;

5 - Tap the download icon to start downloading it;

6 - Wait for the icon to turn blue to make sure that it is downloading;

7 - To watch downloaded episodes and movies, return to the Netflix home screen and click the three horizontal bar format icon in the upper left corner;

8 - Click on My Downloads ;

9 - Choose which of the downloaded episodes you want to watch and give Play to start;

10 - To delete an episode or movie, go to the video in question and click the blue button. Then select Delete Download to free space on your storage disk.

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Have you started watching Netflix offline on PC?

With the news, it is possible for a high number of users to start downloading their favorite series now. Remember that you still need to access the app - even offline - so you can watch what you downloaded. Which series are you currently downloading? Comment with us!

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