The 125 little eggs that hatch from Pokémon Go eggs

In addition to capturing the little monsters on the streets and being part of a team in Pokémon Go, you can also collect Pokémon eggs from the various PokéStops you find out there. Each egg can be hatched by being placed in an incubator, an item you will already have available from the beginning of your game adventures.

The way these eggs hatch is also very simple: just walk a certain distance determined by each egg, either 2, 5, 7 or 10 kilometers after it has been incubated. This distance is displayed under each egg you are carrying, and you can carry up to nine different eggs in your bag.

Since the distance imposed by each egg determines the possible monsters that may be born, it is much easier for you to know which Pokémon can win when it hatches. So you know exactly what to expect when hatching Pokémon eggs, we have prepared a very neat guide below!

2 km eggs

Warning: “Gen” comes from “Generation”, or “generation”, as it is commonly used to classify and identify which Pokémon era each one belongs to. As we know, for example, Pikachu is one of the first Pokémon in the series of games and designs, so it is rated Gen 1.

Also, it is important to mention that only the first form, or first evolution of each Pokémon is available in the eggs, ie it is impossible for you to hatch a Charmeleon or Charizard, for example, since it will always receive the Charmander, which is the one. first form of the mentioned Pokémon.

2 km eggs are the simplest to hatch exactly because they need a relatively short distance to make it happen. These are some of the most common eggs you can find on PokéStops and can spawn some very valuable Pokémon, although they also offer weaker, easier-to-find monsters on the street. Among the 33 Pokémon that can hatch from these eggs are:

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