14 essential gestures to use on iPhone X

The iPhone X is quite different from other older Apple smartphones, which can make its use a bit confusing for those who were already used to the traditional model. Lacking the Home button, you have to use much more on-screen gestures to control the new device. The good news is that most of these gestures are easy to learn and make their daily use with the new iPhone much simpler. To learn more about the essential gestures of iPhone X, you can check out our tips below!

1. Raise to turn on screen

In the past, you had to press some of the physical buttons on your iPhone to make your screen turn on, but now it's much simpler than that. Just lift it to a height near your face and it will automatically turn itself on.

If you prefer another method, you can also just pick up the smartphone and touch your finger anywhere on the screen, which will have exactly the same effect.

2. Lock Screen

There are some very interesting gestures that you can use on your iPhone X's lock screen. To begin with, you can drag your finger across the screen to the right to open the camera app automatically.

You can also drag your finger left to view your widgets or drag your finger on the bottom-up screen to see more of your notifications.

3. Unlock iPhone X

There are two ways to unlock iPhone X, one of which depends on the traditional lock screen password usage. The other option is the famous Face ID, which makes the smartphone recognize your face and unlock automatically.

To use this second alternative, you just need to lift the iPhone to your face height and look at it. Then drag your finger across the screen from bottom to top to go to the home screen.

4. Access another open app

There is also a very simple gesture that allows you to view other open applications and switch between them quickly. To do this, place your finger on the bottom edge of the screen and drag it upwards at a 45 ° angle (as seen in the GIF above) and keep your finger still for a few seconds.

You'll feel a very slight vibration from iPhone X and you can see all apps and games in the background. With that done, just choose the app you want to use next.

5. Force close apps

When you're on this screen with background apps on iPhone X, you'll find that you can no longer close an app simply by dragging it up.

Instead, you must touch and hold the app for a few seconds to make a red “X” appear in each of the open apps. To proceed, just click on the "X" of the applications you want to close;

6. Quick change of recent apps

If you don't want to go to this background apps screen every time you switch apps, you can use an alternate gesture. To use it, simply place your finger on the bottom edge of iPhone X and drag it to the right or left to quickly access other apps.

7. Access the control center

Access to the control center has changed slightly compared to other iPhone models. You should now place your finger on the top right of the screen and drag it down to make this panel appear.

8. Access notifications

You also have a very simple option to access your home screen notifications. Just place your finger on the upper left of the display and drag it down.

9. Back to home screen

Whenever you want to return to the start screen of your iPhone X, you just need to place your finger on the bottom center of your iPhone X and drag it straight up.

It may be a little difficult to differentiate this gesture from the gesture that gives you access to apps in the background, but it's the direction of your finger that determines it.

10. Search with Spolight

Once you're on the home screen of your iPhone X, you can access Spotlight to search as follows: place your center finger on the screen and drag it down. There you can search between your applications, contacts or even internet searches.

11. Siri

Now that the Home button is no longer present on the new iPhone, you may be a little confused about how to activate Siri quickly. If you don't want to say "Hey Siri" every time you want to use the virtual assistant, just press the on / off button for a few seconds and it will appear.

12. Apple Pay

Apple Pay is also very simple to use on iPhone X, as you only have to press the Power button twice in a row quickly. Then just wait for Face ID to recognize your face. It's worth mentioning that this works for app purchases and games made on the App Store as well.

13. Screenshots

Another shortcut that changed with the lack of the Home button was the screenshot feature, which was previously activated by pressing the Power button and the Home button together. Now, just push the volume up button and the Power button at the same time to get the same result.

14. Use reachability

If you want to easily use your iPhone X with one hand, you need to enable the "Achievability" option. To do this, go to “Settings”, click on the “General” tab, select the “Accessibility” option and you will see the “Achievability” among the features that can be activated.

With that done, simply place your finger above the bar that appears on the home screen and drag it down. This will allow reachability options to be used by dragging your finger left to open your notifications or right to open the control panel.

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