14 Great Tips for Selling a Used Computer

It is only natural to change computers after a few years of use, especially if you notice that performance no longer meets your needs or simply because you prefer a newer model. In these cases, you don't have to leave your old PC in a corner of the house, especially when you can sell it to someone else. Of course, this is not always a quick or easy process, but there are ways to make selling simpler and easier. To learn how to sell your used computer, just check out our top tips below!

1. Back up

It may seem like an obvious thing to do, but there are still many people who do not back up their data and files stored on their PC. As much as you think there is nothing important, there is always something important stored in our computers.

Whether it's a photo, a document, or even a favorite site, it's best to make sure everything is backed up. So you can also restore everything to your new computer, which certainly makes the transition a lot easier.

2. Format the PC

It's no use simply deciding to sell your used computer and leave it exactly as it is before handing it over to the new owner. Imagine that the other person has access to your files, data, websites you were visiting, and even passwords saved in your browser.

To prevent this from happening, simply format your used computer after performing the backup we already recommended above. If you prefer, there are programs that can do even deeper than normal formatting, which would prevent others from being able to recover some of the old files.

3. See if it is in good condition

Before selling any used electronics, you need to make sure that it is working well and if there are external damages such as scratches or scratches, for example. If the device is not in good condition, it may not be worth selling.

In such cases, you would probably not receive good bids and still risk having problems with the buyer later.

4. Clean the PC well

Being in good working order, there are other things you should take with your used computer, such as doing a good cleaning. Over time and everyday use, any computer and notebook tends to get dusty and dirty on the screen, case, fans, and between keyboard keys.

In these cases, look for a suitable cleaning product, so there is no way to spoil the device unintentionally. Either way, the computer will look much better and bring more interest from potential buyers.

5. Take photos of the device

With the clean PC, it's time to take pictures of them. These photos can serve either to show to friends or family interested in buying it or simply to advertise the device on buying and selling sites on the internet.

Our recommendation is that you show different angles of the computer and at least one photo with the device turned on and working. If the device has any usage details, also make sure to show no complaints later.

6. Research how much it is worth

Of course, there's no point in wanting to sell your used computer for at least the price (or a similar price) than a new model. Research the value of the exact model of your PC and consider the time of use and possible small problems that it may present.

Also remember that you will not be able to offer assurance that the product will last much longer, so there is no point in wanting to charge too much.

7. Identify Possible Issues

A good tip is to try to identify every possible problem your computer has. This could be a broken key, a crumpled corner, a screen defect at certain angles, etc. If you have difficulty with this, ask a friend who knows more about PCs to take a general look to tell you about it.

This can help you make a clearer and more honest ad, which will surely please potential buyers and prevent future problems.

8. Try selling to acquaintances

As we mentioned above, you can try selling the computer to acquaintances before attempting to do otherwise. It is a guarantee that you will have no problems later, as the person can see and test the product in person.

It also turns out to be more interesting to have this deeper contact as you can better match the payment method.

9. Advertise on Websites

If you can't find any friends or family members who are interested in purchasing your used computer, just go to sites like Mercado Livre or OLX. You can use these sites to create ads, place product photos and videos, and get the price you want for it.

Best of all, you can do it for free with some limitations, which is already a big benefit. If you want to have even more options and attract more interested, there is still the alternative of paying a fee to one of these sites for better forms of payment and chances of more visits.

10. Describe comes PC condition

After advertising your computer on a website, be sure to describe exactly the current condition of the device. There is no point in saying that the PC is new if it already has about three years of use, for example. Be honest and reveal all the advantages and problems the device has.

This will not prevent anyone from buying it, especially if you are fair on the price. These descriptions and information help keep anyone from complaining or demanding the money back for buying a product with misleading advertising.

11. Ask any questions from interested parties

If you make a computer ad on one of the sites you mentioned, it shouldn't take long for them to appear interested in the product. Of course they want to be sure about everything before making the purchase, which will lead them to ask you several questions about the PC.

Our recommendation is that you answer everything clearly and patiently. This will also ensure that the sale happens faster and without further problems.

12. Be flexible with price

With an old PC ad on a sales site, it is normal to receive different offers than you originally requested. In general, many people ask to lower the price a little or ask if you could not exchange the PC for another product and a cash value.

Take a good look at the offers and see what it's worth, as it may be more beneficial to give a discount of 50 or 100 dollars and sell the product than to wait months for a buyer to accept the original price.

13. Beware of potential buyers

Many people who use Free Market or OLX are afraid to buy a product and receive something totally different or receive nothing after making the payment. This fear must also exist for salespeople, since there is always a smart guy wanting to get along.

There are cases of people who buy and receive the product but report to the free market that it went wrong or didn't work just to get the money back and still get their product. There is no telling who will do this kind of thing, but it is always good to be aware.

14. Pack well when shipping

Also make sure you pack the product well if it is shipped by post or any other type of transportation that does not depend entirely on you. This gives your computer a better chance of getting to its destination, which is obviously very important.

If you are handing the PC over to the buyer in person, it is still a good idea to be very careful about shipping. It is also a good idea to test the device in front of the person so that there is no doubt or confusion later.

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