15 best email apps for Android and iPhone

It is no secret that mobile phones today are the most used devices to access the internet. Even if social media eventually gets the spotlight as the most accessed app type, email is also part of anyone's life. What many don't know is that you don't have to be stuck with native Android or iPhone email apps.

There are several options for both systems. These can be broken down into their own email provider apps (such as Google's Gmail) or standalone email apps designed to increase your productivity when receiving your messages.

Both types of email applications will be shown in the next paragraphs. You can use them in combination with your apps to manage contacts or even note-taking apps for iPhone or Android, making your routine much more agile.

So check out the 15 best email apps for Android and iPhone below!

Email Apps # 1 - Gmail

Google's email app is one of the most powerful that you can install on your iPhone or Android. Remember that despite the name, you can also access email from other providers through the app.

This is because Gmail is a native app on Android phones. In addition to receiving and sending emails, you can archive messages right from the notifications panel, and schedule an email to appear again in your inbox on a date you set.

This way you avoid leaving it forgotten in your inbox. We can say that functionality serves as a kind of reminder.

If for some reason you don't have the Gmail app on Android, click the link to go to your page on Google Play. IPhone users can download Gmail by going to the link.

# 2 - Outlook

If you are already used to using Outlook on your computer, then the mobile email manager version will still please you, especially if you are a

Outlook for mobile has a powerful search engine to help you find every type of email you've ever received. In addition, it allows integrations with various types of programs such as Slack, the Dropbox cloud storage service and even Evernote, among many others.

Download Outlook on your Android or your iPhone!

# 3 - Dispatch

Dispatch's interface is quite unusual, considering most email applications for Android or iPhone. Instead of looking like a post office, Dispatch treats your inbox as a to-do list. See below for a screenshot of the app.

It has some integrations that allow you to transport the content of an email to applications like the above Evernote, as well as Pocket to save links or appointments to your favorite diary application.

Dispatch is exclusive to iPhone and is one of the few paid email applications on the list. Click the link to learn more about it.

Email Apps # 4 - Spark

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning - better known by the machine learning term - Spark email categorizes your emails as you understand their behavior towards them.

Then it will automatically filter your messages and organize them according to the subject, such as personal emails, promotions or work messages. For those working in small teams, Spark can be used to jointly create or reply to an email, for example.

See more details about Spark on your App Store page!

# 5 - Blue Mail

If you have multiple types of email, Blue Mail may be the right alternative for you. It supports all email standards, including Yahoo Mail, and many others.

Other features include the ability to choose time intervals where it will not notify you, add as many email accounts as you want and schedule messages.

See more about him on his Google Play page or the App Store!

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# 6 - ProtonMail

If you are looking for more secure email exchanges, then ProtonMail is the most suitable option. With end-to-end communication encryption, you are better protected from third party interception.

Other than that, ProtonMail brings the standard functionality common to all email applications. Download it for free on your Android or iPhone.

# 7 - myMail

Another of the email applications with great compatibility with both personal and professional email, myMail can be an interesting alternative to BlueMail.

With it, you have several customization options. For example, you can set times when he can send notifications, disable or enable them on specific email accounts, and set whether you want the content of your emails to appear in your smartphone's notification center.

Click the link to download email on your Android device, or download it from the link on your App Store page if you are an iPhone user.

Email Applications # 8 - Nine Email

This is a paid solution among the apps shown in the list, just like Dispatch. However, Nine Email offers 14 free trial days for new users.

To justify billing, the app serves as a contact manager, calendar app, and email itself all in one place. It brings night mode for those who are more sensitive to blue light emitted by mobile phones and the ability to set notifications of their accounts separately.

See more about Nine Email on your Google Play or App Store page!

# 9 - Airmail

If you are a Mac user, you probably know about Airmail. This app gained a mobile version for iPhone and iPad, keeping all its main features in the portable version.

These include syncing when using the app on both your computer and iPhone or iPad, importing documents from Google Drive or Dropbox, and integrating with Pocket, Evernote or Trello, among others. Click the link to learn more about Airmail!

# 10 - K-9 Mail

One of the few email apps exclusively for Android, K-9 Mail is free and open source. That is, if you are learning how to program Android apps, you can customize the app as a form of training.

In the version available on Google Play, it also offers encryption for sending and receiving emails, sending messages as attachments, and creating conversation lines for easy viewing.

# 11 - Aquamail

Aquamail is another unique email solution for Android devices. Nevertheless, it supports emails created by Apple devices, ideal for those transitioning from Android to iPhone.

It can sync with cloud storage apps to back up your messages, Outlook calendar sync, and multiple customizable screens to make your inbox look the way you want.

Click the link to learn all about Aquamail for Android.

Email Applications # 12 - Edison Mail

With functionalities made possible by using artificial intelligence and compatibility with almost every type of email standard, Edison Mail is one of the most recommended on this list.

With it, you can see attachments even before opening a message, being able to customize app controls and manage your newsletter subscriptions without leaving your seat. If you prefer to produce newsletters, then you also need to know about these apps to send emails on Android!

The best of everything? It is free and can be downloaded on both Android and iPhone!

# 13 - Boxer

Also designed to manage your emails, manage your contact list and keep track of your calendar appointments, Boxer is a free solution for Android and iPhone or iPad.

Interestingly, it allows you to use calendars as you add email accounts. That way you won't miss the day of sending an important email, and you'll quickly have access to that account by clicking on the scheduled appointment.

Other features include customizing gesture commands, ease of calendar sharing to make your life easier, and ease of calling directly from the app's calendar.

Download Boxer on your Android or iPhone!

# 14 - MailDroid

One of the oldest and strongest email apps for Android, compatible with all versions, including Android Pie. Free of charge, it brings all the features you would expect from such an app.

These include compatibility with various email standards, scheduling email response later, and customizing notifications sent by the app. Click the link to download it to your device.

# 15 - Triage

Finishing the list of email applications we have an exclusive for iPhone. Triage is also a paid app that offers its buyers functions such as quick and easy use through gesture controls and easier forwarding and replying to messages.

It is also compatible with most email services and lets you use as many email accounts as you want on it. Visit the link to learn more about the app!

What are the best email apps on the list?

What did you think of our selection? Have you tried any of these services or are looking for something to send large amounts of email simultaneously?

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