15 Tips for Taking Better Selfies on Android

With the enhancement of smartphone front-facing cameras, photos taken with smartphones have become extremely popular than before, leading to the creation of so-called selfies. Nowadays, it's almost impossible to find someone who has never taken a selfie, but that doesn't mean they always come out with a good quality. This is especially true for some technical issues that can be easily resolved. To learn how you can take much better selfies on Android, just check out our top tips below!

1. Use the light to your advantage

Lighting is a major factor in any type of photography, but you should pay even more attention to it when taking selfies on Android.

As your face turns out to be the main focus, it is the lighting that will hide or display all of its natural imperfections. The biggest problem is that the wrong lighting can exaggerate certain aspects of your face and make the selfie weird. To avoid this, give preference to natural light whenever possible and take some test selfies to get the light right.

2. Avoid the shadows

Following the previous advice, you also need to be aware of the shadows that form on your face or around you because of the lighting used.

You can even use shadows to your advantage if you are looking for a slightly more dramatic style for your selfie, but this is generally not the case for most people. In general, just try to avoid them and do some testing if necessary as well.

3. Do not use flash

Whenever possible, avoid using your smartphone's flash when taking a selfie. This may seem like a good idea if you take both of the above tips into consideration, but the feature is more likely to ruin your photo than make it look better.

The flash light of a smartphone cannot compare to that of professional cameras and tends to make colors look very artificial and exaggerate the imperfections of the face. This is especially true for quick shots, which is the case with most selfies.

4. Take multiple selfies in a row

To make sure your selfie comes out with more quality, we suggest taking as many photos in a row as possible. On today's smartphones, it only takes a few seconds and there are some apps that do it for you.

This ensures that you don't just have a blurry selfie or someone unintentionally making a strange face. Then just review and delete the selfies you don't like.

5. Test multiple angles

The angle you take a photo is just as important as the lighting, as you enhance or make a selfie worse for just that. So it is always suggested that you try several different angles so that you can get a better sense of what works for your face or not.

6. Try different apps

The camera app of today's smartphones is good enough to take photos, but never brings interesting features either. Fortunately, there are a lot of photo-driven apps on Android that are worth a try, especially for the special options they have.

Our suggestion is to use some special selfie apps, as they often have specific settings to help you take better face or close-up photos.

7. Enjoy the filters

While we're already talking about photography apps, we can't fail to mention the filters and special deeds they bring. This can help you give your selfie a completely different look, which can best match your personal taste and personality.

8. Make edits

Aside from filters and special effects, it's also good to pay attention to the editing options you can find in photo apps. We suggest that you do not overdo the editing of your selfies, especially if it is to correct any imperfections. This can simply make the photo look artificial, so just do what is necessary to make the image more interesting.

9. Pay attention to the backdrop

One thing that can usually ruin a photo is the background backdrop. It's no use trying to take a prettier selfie if your surroundings are all messy, for example. To avoid this situation, you just have to pay attention to the environment and see what appears in the picture before taking a permanent selfie.

10. Avoid clich├ęs

It's easy to see selfies of people doing the exact same poses all the time, which can be extremely tiring and uninteresting. If your goal is to take better selfies, we suggest you try something more natural or have more to do with the situation you are in at the time of the photo.

11. Make Natural Expressions

Selfie cliches are also present in the expressions used at the time of the photo, so we still suggest that you try something more natural instead of imitating other people. No one else is interested in seeing people forcing their lips forward or holding their hair for no reason, so avoid these situations if you want to do something original.

12. Don't Forget the Framing

It's no use using all our tips and forget about photo framing if you want to take good quality photos. To get started, you need to be aware of what you want to show on your selfie, whether it's just your face or a special scenery or object behind you.

So try to center the most important aspect on the photo and don't leave anything cut in half if possible. Also consider using your smartphone horizontally, as vertical photos are much worse for viewing on other devices.

13. Use accessories

A lot of people have a hard time holding their smartphone when taking selfies, which makes sense considering the size of today's handsets. This can cause blurry, crooked, or even fingered photos in front of the camera. To avoid this, you can use certain accessories, either to hold the device or make it easy to push the camera button.

14. Increase Resolution

On many smartphones, the resolution used on the front and rear cameras comes in a lower option than the highest resolution available on the device. This is so that the user can take more photos without using much of their storage space.

Unfortunately, it also means that you will not be using your camera's full potential and taking much lower pictures. To adjust this, open the camera app, go to your settings and change the front camera resolution to the highest possible.

15. Adjust the distance

Finally, it is also important that you consider the distance from your smarpthone to your face at selfie time. Since lenses used on smartphones are not of good quality (no matter how expensive the device is), they naturally distort objects and our faces, which is even worse if the device is too close. So try increasing the distance at selfies and edit the photo size later if you prefer something closer.

Did you like the tips for taking selfies?

We took advantage of our list to find good tips for taking better selfies on your Android smartphone. Don't forget to leave your comment telling us if everything went well or if you had any questions.

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